Vanessa Bali booth at the Fashion Week San Diego Spring Showcase 2017

Hey Chrissettes yes, that’s a thing now. Sorry not sorry!

If you’ve been following me on the ‘gram, you may already know that I stopped by Fashion Week San Diego’s Spring Showcase this year, and believe me, it’s not like any of their already incredible events.

Held at the beautiful Hotel Del Coronado instead of Harrah’s Resort and Casino, the new venue change is in celebration of Fashion Week San Diego’s 10th anniversary. Having only attended and even interned for a total of three years, it still blows my mind to this day Allison, you did goooood!. 10 years is such a testament in itself, and I’m so glad I’m able to be a part of it.

The event was purely outdoors, too- the beach was literally a walk away from the venue and I can’t tell you how stunning it was to see the sunset during the runway show.

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With that in mind, this year’s Spring Showcase had a tasteful mix of San Diego’s fan favorites from last year’s like top designer Territa Torres to A’doreus as well as new faces like Oseas Villatoro and KHEIR SANNAI, each designer brought a lot to offer, or show in this case, on the forefront runway of San Diego.

Bold Prints and Textures

Undoubtedly a Spring/Summer favorite across the globe thanks to well-known designer labels like Gucci and Chanel, it makes sense that this trend would be one of the most dominant ones on the runway. From cool girl skirts, feminine stripes, vibrant floral print, and the resurgence of tweed, these prints are surely here to stay.

Model wearing A'doreus at the Fashion Week San Diego Spring Showcase runway 2017


Her playful skirts instantly turns heads with its bright lips while remaining a minimalist feel. I can imagine using this skirt with a black turtleneck or a black top.

Fashion and dog blogger Heather walks Chloe, her pug, wearing The Stylish Bisou

The Stylish Bisou

Being a doggie mama to two little ones, I loved seeing blogger and founder Heather walk little Chloe down the runway. The adorable matching pink and white stripe pattern make it one of Spring’s hottest trends.

Model wearing Isabel Vianey at the Fashion Week San Diego Spring Showcase runway 2017

Isabel Vianey

I’ve actually wrote another Spring trends piece that mentions floral prints not too long ago at another fashion show. What I love about this one, though, is the black part on this floral top. It stands out from their more neutral sisters.


VaughnBerry‘s back on the FWSD runway this time featuring tweed and from what I heard, a cool fabric on the inside of this men’s blazer. The puffed sleeves are one of my personal favorites they’re one of my favorite things.

Bright Singular Pops of Color

Bright colors are in, this time in singularity. While most people believe that the best way to look like the effortless minimalist next door is to dress in colors like black, brown, and white, bold colors can be just as effective and even more chicer than their darker colored siblings.

Style tip: if your pieces don’t have the same color, pick one that’s similarly close like this pinkish neutral outfit I wore back in February.

Models wearing Oseas Villatoro at the Fashion Week San Diego Spring Showcase runway 2017

Oseas Villatoro

Oseas may be new to the runways of Fashion Week San Diego, but with his stunning men’s and women’s collection, he seems like he’s done it before and trust me, he has. Having already conquered the likes of LA Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week, his well-known edgy designs have become not only a personal favorite of mine, but also San Diego, too.

Model wearing RH Creation at the Fashion Week San Diego Spring Showcase runway 2017

RH Creation

A 2014 Top Designer, RH Creation is back at it again this year with their Caribbean inspired resort wear, this time in soft colors like this lovely shade of blue.


Model wearing They & Them at the Fashion Week San Diego Spring Showcase runway 2017

They & Them

With people becoming more aware of themselves, gender and sexuality included, They & Them is all about breaking the gender norm. Utilizing fabrics like sheer as well as details like Β and holographic prints, this brand is sure to have a piece that everyone will love.

Model wearing KHEIR SANNAI at the Fashion Week San Diego Spring Showcase runway 2017


With the modern woman in mind, contemporary brand KHEIR SANNAI designs may look minimalist at first…but it comes with a cool-girl edge. I had the chance to talk to them at their booth, and their designs have already captured by minimalist heart. Plus, all designs were made locally.

Sheer, Sheer, and More Sheer

Let’s face it. Sheer is always going to be in and it’s not the Kardashian’s fault either. Whether its on your favorite beachwear to a high fashion couture gown made for the Met Gala, the fabric is just extremely versatile. Plus, it looks amazing on anybody.

Model wearing Baza Couture at the Fashion Week San Diego Spring Showcase runway 2017

BAZA Couture

This by far one of my favorite haute couture designers this year, and it’s easy to see why. Also, kudos to using the Pantene color of the year.

Model wearing Hola Swimwear at the Fashion Week San Diego Spring Showcase runway 2017

HOLA Swimwear

Combining the glitz and glamour of NYC with beachwear never looked so good. I’m loving the street-wear vibe I’m getting from this and because of that I’m still having a hard time that this is made for the beach I know I’d wear it as part of my everyday wear.

See the FWSD Spring Showcase from my eyes

Top 4 Spring 2017 trends at the Fashion Week San Diego Spring Showcase

All runways photos are credited to 656 Photography

What did you think of the trends at the Spring Showcase? Are there any you’d try or not? Leave me your comments below!

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    1. It is indeed colorful! Normally, I tend to stick to darker colors, but I’m excited to give bolder colors a try. πŸ™‚

    1. It was pretty cool. I like those looks as well! I’m also digging Oseas Villatoro and A’doreus. πŸ™‚

  1. It was great to see what type of collections are showing in San Diego! Thank you for sharing this post. I would love to get a closer look one day in the near future. I’m also interested to learn more about these designers.

    1. No problem, Jacqueline! I have some projects coming up featuring some of FWSD’s designers, so I hope you’ll stay tuned for that! x

  2. This is so awesome! I am love all the trends. Even though I probably don’t look good with bold prints personally, but I love this trend on others. It is so bold and makes a great statement.

    xo Sheree

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