Chrissy' Top 5 Beauty Essentials.

Partnered with Salihah Young of Something Glitters and Jessica Blackwell of Not Your Average Petite, I’ll be sharing with you my top 5 essentials you need this season as well as my favorite yet simplistic outfit to wear this summer.

Nail Polish

One of my style mantras is that every detail, no matter how small or how large, counts. This includes maintaining clean cuticles and having a good mani + pedi. While this may seem nonessential, it truly makes a difference.


Normally, I have pale skin. What this means for me during the summer is that I don’t have that sultry, bronze glow most of the time. What I do to make up for this is highlighting certain places on my face instead.

The ‘LB’

I call these the little bags. Since I’m always on the go, I prefer the handiness of a small clutch than a huge tote. Also, they’re extremely versatile.


One of summer’s hugest trends, I love myself a good choker as much as the next fashionista. It doesn’t matter whether they’re made out of cloth or leather-they’re undeniably sexy all the time.

Pointed Shoes

A personal favorite of mine, I can’t live without owning them. They’re classic, sophisticated, edgy, and always on point, no pun intended.


When it comes to defining my style, it can sometimes be difficult as I’m constantly evolving – a trait that matches my own personality – to the point I don’t always get attached (there are exceptions, however). Time and time again, I’ve noticed that my typical summer-wear is consisted of two very basic pieces you can find just about anywhere:

  • jean shorts (preferably high-waisted)
  • large button-down shirts

Combining these two together creates a lovely mixture of class and chic. In addition, it’s easy to wear, it looks great on any body type, and it’ll always keep me cool.

What are your summer staples?

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