borrowing my father's shirt

It’s Father’s Day today, and although I don’t get to see my dad that often, he is still influential in many ways, including the development of my personal style.

Here are my top 5.

Have an excellent work ethic

My dad is probably one of the most hard-working people I’ve ever met. He showed me the importance of getting things done, and because of this, I work hard for the things I want, too. Perhaps maybe too hard, lol. We’re both Capricorns anyways; it comes with the sign.

Treat yourself

Most of the time, I’m stingy when it comes to money; I tend to save it rather than spend. However, it’s not bad to buy something for yourself to something nice every once in a while.

As a result, I have a love of brand names thanks to him, which isn’t a bad thing for a gal who loves fashion, right?

His style

I like to think my love for men’s button-ups, or really, men’s clothing in general, is thanks to my dad. His style was unique to me back when I was much younger, and I copied it. Now, I ‘borrow’ shirts often, and I usually don’t return them like the large button-up I wore for the cover photo. Sorry, I just really liked it.

I also enjoy wearing large jackets, oxfords, and dad hats thanks to his influential style.

Laugh at yourself

While both my dad and I are and can get quite serious, laughing at ourselves is one way to show our carefree/relaxed side. From terrible photos captured at bad times to bad pronunciations, laughing makes it better.

Oh, the stories I can share with you, lol. 😉

Follow your dreams

My parents, especially my dad, had dreams and followed them through. This inspired me to do what I want, too. While it’s different at best, I know that I’ll be able to follow my heart my way.


Thanks for being the best, dad. I’m still so grateful for you.

What has your dad taught you?

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