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Today might be Mother’s Day, but I often reflect on what my mothers have taught me over the years. To clarify, I am extremely lucky to have two wonderful mothers – each unique in their own way. While they both came into my life at different points of my life, they’re still important to me even though we live miles apart. Here are 5 things my moms shared with me.

1. Educate yourself

Although women are still underpaid and continue to be less represented in the workplace despite having an equal or higher ranking job than their male counterparts, even more so for those who are minorities, they taught me that education is something no one can take away from you. Plus, having brains is equally important in a man-dominated world.

2. Don’t forget to have fun

One of the traits I admire is how they manage to have fun every once in a while. This is a pretty important to me because of my tendency to overwork myself (sadly, I am a proud workaholic).

3. Pursue your dreams

One of my mom’s dreams was to travel while the other was to pursue her education – both of them were able to accomplish this and that has inspired me to reach for my own.

4. Don’t let anyone keep you on the ground

I guess this is similar to the third one, but in a sense, it’s also quite different. Basically, don’t let anyone – whether it’s your friend, your then-boyfriend/girlfriend, or family – tell you that you can’t do something. Both of my moms have dealt with hardships like this in the past, but these experiences have made them stronger as a result.

5. Live with no regrets

As cliché as this sounds, this is probably one of the most important lessons I think about often. Yes, everyone makes mistakes, but does it have to be something you regret? Not according to them. They live their lives with pride.

What have your mothers taught you?

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