Today’s the day of the FWSD Spring Showcase, and as an intern, I couldn’t be more excited to help out while getting to see some of this year’s hottest and upcoming designs that even I’m personally excited for, but definitely not my wallet.

I have to admit, this year is probably the best I’ve seen so far even though I stumbled upon it just last year at one of their local events.

In no particular order, here are the top five trends from this year’s Spring Showcase!

Photo Credit: 656 Photography

Column Long Gowns

So long billowy, Disney princess-esque dresses! The column gowns are in! Whether it shows some serious skin or vice versa, this type of dress is sure to turn heads.

L to R: DeAnnah Rae Couture, y-u-l-i-y-a, GFASH Now

Photo Credit: 656 Photography

Printed Minis

Every gal needs a cute summer dress, and the minis sure did not disappoint.

L to R: As Much Again, Territa Torres, Odd Bird Designs

Photo Credit: 656 Photography

Going Natural

Neutrals just look that good on anybody.

L to R: P. Sangeeta, Pashn by Survi


Photo Credits: 656 Photography

Vibrant Pinks and Reds

Stemming away from the neutrals, the different shades of red and pinks were a staple on the runway. From Gloria Guerro to FAB Authority winner Luis Rivas, these hues are a must!

L to R: Gloria Guerro, Bryan VaughnBerry, Chavron Shree, Luis Rivas

Photo Credit: 656 Photography

We’re All Royal Here

Okay, maybe it isn’t time to exactly say farewell to the ethereal Disney gowns because looking like royalty = being royalty.

L to R: Jaded Marie, RACA Designs, Fuseik, Margaret the Maker

Check out the fashion show below!

What were your favorite looks from the FWSD’s fashion show? Be sure to leave your comments below!

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