Let’s face it. Even the best dressed people of the world have those days where they look well-collected in regular clothing. However, they always manage to make it look good regardless.

What if I told you that there are 5 easy ways to update your own lazy girl look into something that looks like your favorite celebrity’s daily wear? Being a fellow lazy gal myself, these five simple things will make your life a little more easier as it did with mine.


Statement Jewelry

Grab out your jewelry boxes because not only are they easy to put on, it can easily complete an outfit and it guides the eyes to look elsewhere, too.

Manis and Pedis

Not only do your cuticles can determine the state your body is in, it also gives you a polished overall look even if you choose to stick with a clear base coat. Another plus side? You can have a professional do it for you.


Bags are like statement jewelry. Depending on the size, shape, and color, they can complete an outfit relatively fast.


Ever wonder why the likes of Kendall Jenner and her best pals like Gigi Hadid look so put together regardless of what they wear on the daily? It’s because outerwear plays a significant role-you almost never see the supermodels without one. From classic denim jackets to the popular bomber, the range of these types of clothing are endless. The best part is that there’s one for every occasion and for every season.


A while ago, someone in the industry didn’t think leggings were fashionable. It has been proven otherwise with the rise in athletic apparel and what I like to call the ‘comfort over discomfort’ movement. Since then, leggings have become a necessary street style staple.

Which of these have you tried?

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