With my nomadic lifestyle beginning at a very young age, it’s difficult for me to stop traveling, let alone explore. Simply put, I can’t remain in one place forever, and I don’t intend to. Well, in the near future.

But for now, stay-cations and the occasional vacation works for me.

With my impending trip to the Philippines, I have to plan what to bring accordingly as I will be there from July to August, even more so with clothes. For the most part, I select clothes based on my mood that can easily change too quickly, but since I can’t bring my entire wardrobe with me, I have to make predictions based on what I know about myself. Seeing as both places can be quite hotter than San Diego, it’s more likely I’ll be bringing more summer clothing than my typical go-to cardigans and large¬†sweaters.



I don’t exactly own a lot of dresses yet, but they’re extremely comfortable and versatile, meaning it can instantly change from dainty to badass thanks to accessories and shoes.


Shorts + Skirts

Both are typically a summer must have for many people, including myself. Aside from getting odd tan lines, it does help one cool off and like dresses, a mood of an outfit can instantly change.



Not that I’m slightly beginning to regret my nearly all-black pieces, but I’m still a pants kind of girl, preferably either the loose kind or high-waisted kind.



Sleeveless Tops

I have a slight obsession with these types of tops because I really like the way they look and my neckbones.


Basic Tees

Tank tops, V-necks, graphic tees – you name it. I prefer loose-fitted tops.


Personal Items

Think underwear, bras, bathing suits, socks, and other important necessities.


Summer Appropriate Outerwear

I’ve acknowledged that I get cold rather easily, but there are always exceptions (I’m looking at you, Philippines). I’ve decided to bring one only since I don’t want to get too warm and possibly die from humidity.

Do you agree or disagree? Share your thoughts below!

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