A street in Tuguegarao City, Philippines


I might have been living in the Cagayan province for several weeks, but deep down I will always be a city girl thanks to the city I was born and momentarily raised in. I thrive on the busyness as I, myself enjoy being on the go. As you can imagine, stopping by Tuguegarao City was extremely exciting for me despite the air and noise pollution.

While it doesn’t have that glamour factor like New York or Los Angeles, it does have the population and the looks of a bustling city. Street vendors and tricycles pile on the already crowded streets as people of all types of life shop at the large yet colorful shopping centers where one can find a variety of shops – from bakeries to brand name apparel – it does have it all.


One spot in particular is the renowned DermaBloom, a health and beauty spa, that specializes in overall body care. My mother was the one who introduced the renowned beauty clinic to me as I’ve never heard of it before till then. Out of curiosity, we stopped by to not only pamper ourselves but to see what kind of services they offered. This stop ended up being a treat for me since it was my first time going to a spa. We eventually got our hair done here (hair color, trim, hot oil) and my mom purchased some beauty products to help with her skin. While I don’t recall his name, I do recommend him to anyone who visits –┬áhe’s that good.


Sadly, there aren’t too many hours in a day to take full advantage of our time there, but I sure know that I do want to go back once I travel to the Philippines again. Plus, once a girl gets pampered, she never goes back.


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