All about owner and founder of The Chrissy Collective, Chrissy Baclagan.

Hey there! I’m Chrissy, the LifeStyle stylist and blogger behind The Chrissy Collective, an award-winning style and lifestyle blog that’s currently based in San Diego, California.

I’m extremely passionate about the development of personal style, hence my blog’s tagline “discoveringĀ the style in lifestyle“. From the celebrities you admire to your own beliefs to the places you live in, I believe that these and more can lead the way to paving your own unique sense of style instead of copying what everyone else is doing.

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About The Chrissy Collective

I started this blog sometime in January 2016. I was always being asked how to style pieces from my friends and family to the point where I became the go-to gal for anything fashion. Eventually, many of them suggested I create a blog and I figured “why not?” Fast forward to today, I’ve already been featured on the likes of Vogue and W Magazine for my eclectic sense of style.

Originally, I started The Chrissy Collective to document my own style as well as the interesting things I did or the places I traveled to. After a couple months in, I realized I wasn’t content with this — I wanted to create content that will also inspire people like you to live your best style life everrrrr.

About Me and My Style

I am a Chinese/Filipino/Spanish gal born and briefly raised in Hong Kong during the time the British occupied it. It was here that I was exposed to a variety of cultures as well as different trends during the time; I like to credit these few years as a key player for my own sense of style. I moved around a few times before ultimately moving to California in the early 2000’s where I was exposed to a completely new set of culture and style trends once more. While Hong Kong is technically my hometown, I believe my home is where my heart is: on the road.

My personal style is a combination of both minimalist and maximalist. I also absolutely adore anything vintage; implementing menswear into my wardrobe; am inspired by the French/Koreans as well as 80’s/90’s style trends hellllo high waist anything!; and creating my own DIY clothing and accessories.

What to Expect from MeĀ 

At the beginning, I only had two categories on The Chrissy Collective: my style and lifestyle. But now I’ve included topics like style/fashion guides, travel posts, skincare routines, and opened up an online resources library. My goal is to provide you with helpful information, whether you’re looking for style inspiration to places to visit and eat, in a way that’s fun to read and watch.

You can also expect a ton of moody, dark photos because that’s my kind of aesthetic, most of which is taken by yours truly.

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