Fashion shows often look glamourous – and they really are – but that’s the result of careful planning, cooperation with everyone involved, and an excellent work ethic.

Arriving at the Harrah’s Resort and Casino, each intern had their own sets of responsibilities from the get-go, each varying from one another from setting up booths to calling vendors, just to name a few. Additionally, these tasks would often change since there was simply much to do with so little time. With this workload, three previous interns were called in to help.

As showtime began to approach, the interns were split off into two main groups: backstage and front, with I being the latter. Having had previous experience from before, I was already familiar with what I had to do: take down names, accept payments, and take the occasional photograph or two including dogs. Sadly, I and the other three interns who were with me weren’t able to see most of the show, however. Perhaps next year.


As the show came to a close, cleaning up was relatively easy in comparison to setting up much earlier. But the show’s not quite over…and by that, I mean the after party, so to speak. We were in a casino/hotel after all. Plus, we were staying the night, too.


After changing, the interns who were 21 and older hung out for a little while. We drank, we danced (for a brief moment as it was raining outside), and some of us gambled. Although I am of age, it’s was the first time I’ve done this, and I must say, it was thrilling. It was too bad the dreary weather lasted. Harrah’s has this gorgeous lazy river that I’ve wanted to go on, but with the weather being so grey, it wasn’t worth getting wet.




Harrahs Hotel and Resort

In conclusion, working at the Spring Showcase was truly an eye-opener and a fun experience. I got the chance to make new friends, network, and try something new. Despite my tiredness and my then-frustrations with Ikea products, if I had the chance to do it all over again, I’d do so in a heartbeat.

Team FWSD at the Spring Showcase at Harrahs Southern California Resort


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