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‘Twas the week before Black Friday, when all through the house
not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse…”

Let me stop you right there.

Today is officially the last weekend before the terrifying day we call Black Friday. While it may seem daunting to deal with rude human beings and huge discounts to pretty much everything, Black Friday doesn’t have to be that scary. Trust me on this.

With a national holiday like this, it can be quite easy to be unprepared. That’s why I’m sharing my personal go-to list to help you navigate through one of the most messiest days ever.

Study Now, Sleep Later

Remember all the times when your teachers’ would tell you to study for an exam, but you were like nah? Just like those tests, this is one you should definitely study for if you’re going to go shopping next Friday.

It’s best to stay informed.

One of my favorite ways is to follow my favorite retailers/boutiques on social media. They tend to update their Facebook’s and Twitter’s with new information.

Not really a social media person? Save your mail and browse through them.

I personally like to cut out the items I’m interested in (keep the price tag, too!) and keep it in a safe location like an envelope. When I have free time, I’ll take them out and do some soul-searching before narrowing it down some more.

Be Selective

When shops are throwing everything in their store at you, it’s best to focus on what you need, not want. There are times where I’ve decided to randomly spurge on something I don’t need several days later. Here are some guidelines to follow:

Do you already have something similar to this? If you already own the same thing over more than three times, do you really need it? It doesn’t matter if the colors or patterns are different, you do NOT need too much of a good thing.

Are you just getting this because it’s in/trendy? While having an on-trend wardrobe may seem really cool and in right now, is it really you?

Can you see yourself using this 5 years from now on? This may just be a personal thing, but I one thing I absolutely dislike is owning clothing I can only wear once or twice. Not only is it a waste of your money and time, it’s bad for the environment, too.

Compare, Compare, and Compare Some More

What may seem inexpensive at one store can be either:
1) much more affordable at another or 2) pricier.

Going back to Step 1, keep track of what you want to get while ensuring that you’re saving an extra buck or two.

Check out sites like Google Shopping, Style Compare, and ShopStyle, just to name a few, for your shopping needs.

Say No to Overspending…

An extension of Step 3, do NOT spend too much on something that you can easily get elsewhere for cheap.

Stores will purposely try to grab your attention by promoting certain items in limited quantities.

The best way to overcome this because ignoring it doesn’t always work, is to use cash instead of swiping your way to debt.

…But Cheaper Isn’t Always Better, Either

Is it functioning right?
Does it look like it’s about to crumble in your hands at any moment now?
Does the fabric look cheap?

These are the kinds of questions you should be asking yourself as you browse through the mall. You most definitely do not want to purchase something that seems really great but really isn’t at the end of the day.

May the shopping gods be with you, and good luck.

*updated November 11, 2017

Will you be shopping this Black Friday?

25 thoughts on “5 Ways to Save Big on Black Friday”

  1. I’ll probably avoid Black Friday due to consumerism and giving more money to corporations but I might do Small Business Saturday because they help small business orders and some of them are affiliated with non-profit organizations. These are great tips to implement though.

    1. You can still implement these tips during Small Business Saturday as well. I personally enjoy shopping/working with local businesses, and while they don’t promote as frequently as larger corporations, I’ve found that tip 1 does come in handy as I tend to follow my favorite brands on all my social media platforms. Hence I would be able to know when they’re having sales, etc.

  2. Amazing tips. I’ve already started looking at Black Friday ads and I love your tips about being prepared and not overspending. I try to make a list of items that I know I want and I try to stick to it. I think many people feel pressured with the hustle and bustle of Black Friday and sometimes don’t take the time to compare prices before buying. I’m going to bookmark this post for sure. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed these tips, Shasha! I totally agree about making a list; they can come in handy sometimes, especially if you’re trying to save. x

  3. This is such a good guide! Black Friday sales are such an exciting part of the holiday season, but it can be easy to get roped into fake deals. It’s always fun to try and find the best options available and go shopping with your friends! Can’t wait to hear about your endeavors this year.

    ~xo Sheree

    1. Thanks, girl! That’s so true; you have to be really careful, especially around days like Black Friday. I like your idea on going with friends, too! x

  4. I’m all for the deals, so I am always ready for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday. For Black Friday all these tips are awesome. Overspending can be so tempting sometimes!

  5. I love these tips, Chrissy 🙂 They can be applied not only to black Friday but even on a day to day life. We need to be selective, always and say no to overspending and comparison can help you do that. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  6. Ha ha! I though Black Friday is already a saving galore! Now I learned there are more ways to save even better! This is such a tricky one and also clever idea! Thumbs up! (y)

    God Bless!
    JM Kayne | #InMyHeartJMKaynesBlog♥

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