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Do you like bras but dislike them at the same time?

I feel ya 101% on that one despite being a part of the itty bitty titty committee. Yes, I know I got that off Maisie’s Instagram, but I couldn’t help but use it.

As much as I love my cutest sets of lingerie, bras can be a pain in the back.


According to a study conducted by sport science researcher Jean-Denis Rouillon, a professor based at the University of Franche-Comte in the eastern town of Besançon, she discovered that wearing a bra doesn’t really support your tatas as much as one might think.

Also, women that go braless tend to have perkier boobies than their bra-wearing counterparts.

And I haven’t even talked about what happens to your body if you wear the wrong bra, but believe me, aside from discomfort, it’s not good for your overall health either.

Now before you go all Kendall Jenner at your next dinner date, here’s another alternative, especially if you still want to keep your bras around: pasties.

Originated from the era of the burlesque dancers, the pasties have evolved to two main types: Flashy and Functional.

If you can already guess, the flashy kind is exactly what you think it is. Think tassels and bright pops of color. Lil Kim’s outfit for the 1999 MTV Music Video Awards is possibly one of the most iconic for this group.

But that’s not what we’ll be talking about today.

Functional pasties tend to come in different shades of skin tones and material, one being the petal and it’s shaped like a flower. Pretty neat, right?

Since being a part of the itty bitty titty committee, I love being the Kendall Jenner to my Gigi’s. I don’t mind having my twins naked but not afraid since I’ve already been doing this for years.

But like every one else, there are times when I don’t feel like having them out in the cold or in certain occasions like a job interview.

And that’s where Hidden Delicates, aka my favorite pair of pasties, comes in.

According to Stephanie, founder and designer of the Hidden Delicates pasty, here’s what she says about her own products:

I thought there was a hole in the market so I set out to make a nipple cover that was reusable, comfortable, thick enough in the middle to keep my nipples in line, yet thin enough on the outside edges to conform to breasts of many sizes to avoid messing up the look of my outfit. What resulted was starting my own business and having a product that I love, and some big hopes that others do too!

Having tried it out for myself, it works wonders. Not only can I wear this with pretty much anything, it’s reusable, too!

And hey, it fits just perfectly and cozy thanks to its silicone material.

So, yeah, I might bust a boob here or two get it?, I know that I can count on my pasties to save my OOTD whenever I’m wearing a cute bralette or even nothing at all, in this case, underneath my fuzzy, white sweater.

How to wear Denim on denim

Denim Jacket: GAP Kids | Fuzzy sweater: Thrift | Denim: from my mom | Bralette: I forgot lol | Pasties (not shown): Hidden Delicates | Sneakers: Adidas

I’ll be explaining how to rock the denim on denim trend in a future blog post, so please stay tuned!

It also comes in the cutest lil travel box so you can take it with you whenever, wherever.

Be sure to click here to grab your lifesaving pair of pasties and tell Stephanie I sent ya!

Hidden Delicates Travel Box

So, what do you like wearing and why? Be sure to leave me your comments down below!

22 thoughts on “Go Braless in 2017 with Hidden Delicates”

    1. I’m glad to hear that you liked it! I totally feel you, though; bras can be so tricky at times. I’m so glad pasties are around, too! x

  1. I wear pasties often in the summer when wearing an open back top or dress. I also just like wearing pasties in general instead of a bra. Lately, I wear way more bralettes than bras with wires. The wires just become uncomfortable after a while.

    1. I used to wear wired bras, but like you said, they did feel uncomfortable after a while. I used to live near the desert, so it became even more uncomfortable. As a result, I resorted to not wear a bra for a while, but since I discovered pasties, I’ve been a little obsessed.

  2. I hate how uncomfortable bras can be! I love pasties, especially in the Spring and Summer months when I like to wear flowy blouses.

  3. I have a really hard time believing that my giant mom-boobs would be perkier if I went braless. I feel like they might just eventually hit my knees if I did that long enough. hahaha 🙂 But just reading about perky boobies is fun, so thanks!

  4. I have never tried anything like these. These girls like their support but I love that I have a new option to consider. These would be great with a strapless dress. I bet this is what all those movie stars wear on Oscar night 😊

    1. You should give it a try sometime! It’s perfect for those spring/summer outfits. I’m sure some of them do! x

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