Chrissy's Natalie fragrance flatlay.

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Hi Chrissettes!

Don’t you just love a great smelling perfume?

I know I sure do.

As a young child, I’d often sneak into my mom and dad’s perfume/cologne closet (yes, there was a small closet just for their favorite fragrances; that’s how much they had, haha) to sniff the different scents and later on, spritz it all over myself. Thinking about it now, it was probably not the greatest idea since I’d smell like I bathed in a bubble bath full of perfume and cologne, but that’s how much I enjoy wearing and smelling fragrances.

As I got older, I started getting my own perfumes that best suited who I am, occasionally borrowing theirs from time to time like my mother’s Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb or my father’s favorite, the heavily musky Aramis. Instead of only enjoying the scents, I began to appreciate them for they did not only capture scents, but also precious moments and stories.

The Natalie fragrance.

As a lover of history in general, knowing those special moments in time made wearing a scent 100x better for me.

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Chrissy sprays on the Natalie fragrance.

The History Behind the “Natalie”

As a tribute to the late Hollywood icon Natalie Wood, her children Natasha and Courtney wanted to create a scent that would capture the classic gardenia scent that followed their mother throughout her lifetime. Expertly crafted by master perfumer Claude Dir at the house of Mane, “Natalie” consists a base of pure distilled essential oils and all natural ingredients such as freesia, orange flower, and vanilla as well as Natalie’s signature scent: the original gardenia.

As a result, “Natalie” is an enticing concoction that is perfect for use all year round, even during the winter season.

The Natalie Fragrance.

When I first began using it, I was somewhat surprised by the strong, flowery scent as I had grown accustomed to using my favorite at the time, Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker. Whether it was the longevity or the delicious floral scent, there was something about “Natalie” that had me hooked and ultimately became a huge fan. 

Now, I wear it almost everyday (I’m even wearing it right now as you read this).

Call it what you will, but frankly, I do feel amazing and honored while wearing “Natalie”, especially once I learned more about the icon behind the signature scent. To me, there’s nothing like appreciating the finer things in life, one of them being the classic Gardenia fragrance I have grown to love.

Chrissy holds the Natalie Fragrance.

“A woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting” – Christian Dior

Visit and learn more about the late Natalie Wood here.

Someone once told me that a great smelling fragrance not only has the best scents but also have the best memories. This is why I'm so excited to introduce the "Natalie" fragrance. Learn more about the Hollywood icon and the flower that inspired this perfume.

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    1. Giirrrrrl, this is such a wonderful fragrance! I know I’ve said this on the article, but I wear “Natalie” almost everyday because of the sweet-smelling scent! I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did. x

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