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Hey, I’m Chrissy, the blogger behind The Chrissy Collective, an award-winning blog that aims to combine the style in lifestyle.

I’m pretty sure you’re wondering why you decided to go check out a boring about me page when you could be looking up cat videos on YouTube instead.

But since you’re here instead, something tells me that you’re interested in fashion and that you got your own sense of style. 

But you might be…

  • Unsure how to take your style to the next level
  • How to reuse what you have in your closet
  • Need help in figuring out your next OOTD
  • Looking to learn more about topics related to the world of fashion + more…

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter whether you have the largest or most priciest wardrobe.

Heck, it doesn’t matter if your clothes seem to be outdated. 

You are the Gisele, Naomi, or your favorite model of your own runway, aka the world. 

Having been a style veteran for many years now, I understand where you’re coming from because I am:

A style innovator, not style dictator

So here’s a lil story to explain why.

You see, I was born in the ever so bustling world city of Hong Kong back when the British loaned it from China years ago. As you may imagine, I was instantly surrounded by people of all walks of life, including fashion.

Because of this, I was exposed to a wide variety of different styles and trendsetters thanks to my teachers, parents, family friends, and strangers I liked to hang out with (I’m a weird kid) to the point where I became the fashionable fairy godmother everyone went to for anything style-related.

After a few years, I found myself (along with my family) traversing the globe momentarily before landing in sunny SoCal. Like before, I was exposed to new trends in this part of the world along with a completely new lifestyle. 


It was here that I began experimenting with the clothes I had in my closet even more and discovered my love for thrifting and DIYs thanks mom to the point my style instantly became recognizable in my community. 

Since then, in my first year of blogging, I’ve already been featured on prestigious fashion magazines like Vogue, Teen Vogue, and W Magazine, just to name a few for my sense of style.

But, I also realized how my own life impacted what I decided to wear and why.

After all, style isn’t all about your OOTD- it’s a reflection of the things you like and most importantly, who you really are as a person.

Now, I’m currently residing here in San Diego, exploring everything I can.

During my time here, I’ve dabbled in fashion journalism, vigorously studied architecture, interned for Fashion Week, became a mobile photographer in my own right, and picked up some ways to elevate my style even further thanks to the unique cultures found in my current hometown.

And now, I want to help YOU find your killer style. 

Through my lifelong styling experiences, one-on-one consulting, and fashion knowledge I’ve attained, I’ve helped hundreds of people learn more about their own sense of style while increasing self confidence at the same time.

Sounds pretty good, right? 

My Challenge to You

As mentioned before, I’ve been helping people understand and develop their own sense of style for many years.

And now, I want to help you.

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