Collaborating with Jamerly once again, this is part two of our daily hair care series which you can read mine here, and Jamerly’s here and here.

Picking up where I left off from my nighttime hair routine, my hair at this point is often voluminous, silky, and shiny thanks to the conditioner-then-shampoo method.


If there’s one thing that I love about having short hair is that I don’t have to do much with it post-shower. What I mean by this is that I don’t have to use a comb too frequently; there are times where I’ve used my hands, though. My favorite type of comb, however, is a rat tail comb I bought from Walmart years ago.

Not only does using this create less damage to my hair follicles, it can be used to tease my hair whenever I want to since it also comes with another comb.

The Chrissy Collective's Egg Yolk and Avacado hair mask

I’ve made it known a while ago that I’m a simple person at heart, and this happens to extend into my daytime hair care routine as well. A great example is a hair mask.

Containing only two ingredients, an egg yolk and the super fruit avocado, it is one of my favorite ways to condition my hair back to health. I generally like to use it at the tips since I tend to get split ends and dried out hair from dyeing it too often back when I was in high school.


Another product is a Conair mini hair wand I purchased from Target. It only has two settings: on and off. In addition, it doesn’t take long to get hot, making it efficient for those days where you want to look your best.

It originally came with a glove that prevents your fingers getting burned on accident, but I’ve already figured how to use it without the glove. Afterwards, I use Nioxin‘s Extra Hold Hair Thickening hair spray to keep my hair in place. Now, I’m ready to start my day by conquering the world.

What’s your daytime hair care routine like? Leave a comment below!

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