Beauty & Art Behind Fashion in La Jolla

Perspectives, perspectives, perspectives.

What makes this concept so interesting is how it continually boggles your mind, even during Fashion Week. As some of you may know, I previously dabbled into fashion journalism – something I’m still interested in today – a year ago before becoming an intern for Fashion Week San Diego (FWSD). Like all journalists, I watched, I observed, and I discovered.

Fashion Week San Diego currently runs for four days straight instead of a week like most traditional Fashion Weeks. In addition, the venues tend to change each year; however, they’re primarily located in La Jolla.

11 AM: Food Runs

Crystal Crawford

Crystal, the Sam to my Allison or is it the other way around?, and I haven’t eaten at all. Although it wasn’t call time, we stopped by a nearby Thai place called Aroi Cafe for our lunch.

12 PM: Call Time

BTS at the Art & Beauty Behind Fashion

The location of the fashion presentation was at the Shane Bowden Art Gallery. Filled with controversial pop-up art, the location was perfect for that day’s theme: The Art & Beauty Behind Fashion.

Featuring Pull-In Underwear, a popular underwear brand in Europe, and Kevin Murphry Products, everyone scrambled to get ready.

BTS at the Art & Beauty Behind Fashion

6 PM – 9 PM: The Art & Beauty Behind Fashion Presentation

Art & Beauty Behind the Fashion

Although I wasn’t able to take as many photos as I’d like to since I was at Front of House (FoH), I heard it was a great success. The photos speak for themselves.

Art & Beauty Behind Fashion

Art & Beauty Behind the Fashion

11 PM: Hello La Valencia

Late night food run

MacKenzie, an event intern, and I stayed at the gorgeous La Valencia for the night before realizing we have to make a food run to Vons later that evening. Being exhausted from the long day, we knocked out almost instantly, but after we took photos, of course.

Late night read

FWSD uniform of the day

Top: FWSD | Skirt: Thrift | Cardigan: Thrift | Choker: Charlotte Russe | Ring: Thrift

This, however, was just the beginning of an exhaustive yet exciting weekend for Fashion Week San Diego. Stay tuned!

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