8-9 AM: Impromptu Photoshoots with the Roomie

We woke up a tad bit early not just because we had to arrive to the venue on time, but we were simply too excited to be staying in a fabulous hotel room for a few more days. This eventually resulted in impromptu photoshoots before we headed out.

10 AM: Call Time at Hotel La Jolla

Previously, I’ve mentioned that Fashion Week San Diego has a tendency to change locations for its yearly fashion shows. In this case, the year’s venue is at the lovely Hotel La Jolla. Located on the parking lot, from interns to volunteers, everyone got busy despite the heat. Although I didn’t have much time to take a ton of photos, it was incredible seeing how everyone worked together despite certain difficulties here and there.

5 PM: VIP Reception

I was working at Front of House (FoH) again, and this was when things began to get busy. During the VIP Reception, those who purchased VIP tickets have the chance to meet the designers and take photos on the red carpet. For the most part, things went by smoothly as some people already knew what to do.

6 PM: Haute Dog Show

Being a proud dog owner, I was happy to see this part of the show for many reasons, one being that people have the option to adopt dogs from the Rancho Coastal Humane Society, a non-profit that helps animals find their forever homes in San Diego, straight off the runway. I have to admit, I was ready to go adopt a lil pupper, but I already have two at home.

6:30-9 PM: The FWSD Runways, Part 1

One thing I liked about being at the FoH is that I had a good view of the runway show. It was exciting to see the diversity in apparel this year. Some of my favorites are:

Killem with Chic

Deep at heart, every person loves a good ol’ white tee. Mariela, founder and designer of the local San Diego brand, turns the traditional staple into an everyday one with minimalist graphics and lettering.

Odd Bird Designs

She might be shy, but her expression isn’t. Not only is she an amazing illustrator Tumblr folks would absolutely love and I’m saying this because I was once was one, lol, but she is also an incredible designer as well. Her use of classic prints combined with today’s current trends makes her one to reckoned with.

RACA Designs

To be frank, I was a tad bit skeptical since I wasn’t too familiar with the brand, but I was impressed when RACA presented their Spring/Summer 17′ collection on the runways. Bright colors and contrasting textures were his aesthetic, and even though I’m the kind of person who likes my black colored clothing the most, RACA won me over.


A crowd favorite from last year, Marcie Bain, owner and founder of the Indian-inspired fashion brand, took her collection to the next level. Inspired by the medicine wheel, it featured stunning hues of brown (being my favorite), black, white, and so much more. In addition, she is the only and first designer to use all Native American models on the Fashion Week San Diego runways.

10 PM: Domino’s

At the end, the rest of the interns and I met at a nearby Domino’s to grab a very late night snack before yet another busy day. Strange to say this, but I didn’t feel that hungry for some reason despite hardly eating…

11 PM – 1 AM: Vino at the La Valencia

…but I’m always down for wine. Aside from MacKenzie and I, we joined Crystal and Chyna at their room for a glass or two. We ended up having a lively chat about the current FWSD runways and what had occurred that day before we went back to our room.

In conclusion, although it was a hectic day, I’m glad to have made and strengthen both old and new friendships as well as discover new brands to love. Stay tuned for Day 3!

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