9 AM: Good Morning, La Jolla

It was time to get back to work. MacKenzie and I headed off to the Hotel La Jolla to get Day 2 of FWSD on the road.

10 AM: Call Time

It was pretty much like the day before, but there was more play than work since we already did everything.

5 PM: VIP Reception

Once again, people had the chance to meet this year’s talented group of designers like yesterday.

6-9 PM: The Fashion Week San Diego Runways

I was especially looking forward to Day 2; there were a few designers I had my eye on and most of them were on this night!

Without further ado, let’s get started!


Oooookay, I have to say Gloria is by far one of my favorite designers of all time, FWSD-wise. I love the sensuality and the beautiful contrasts of colors.

She’s one I would love to work with someday, and I’m always looking forward to seeing more from here.

As Much Again

Now I’m not exactly the feminine type, but I can appreciate it. I’m in love with the flowiness and the lovely pink/white hues.

Okay, maybe I would wear something from the line. 😉

LK Boutique

I love African prints- they’re often very vibrant and stunning all at the same time. Being a minimalist, I love how each piece is always a statement.



I was a little iffy at first as I’m not a fan of too much sheer, but I love these two outfits in particular because of the colors.

10 PM: Taking Down Stuff, Tis All

After the show, we had to take everything down. Luckily, it wasn’t that hard, especially with everyone’s cooperation.

11 PM-2 AM: More Vino

I love wine, and wine is perfect for pretty much any occasion, especially after a long day.

And that’s exactly what I did for a few hours before I went back to La Valencia.

3 AM: A Brief Moment of Relaxation

When MacKenzie and I came back, I took a well-deserved bath. My feet were so sore from running around, but it was so much fun.

I hope you had fun reading this as much as I had a blast being a part of Fashion Week San Diego! Next year, I’ll be a part of the crowd, so it’ll be a whole new experience for me. Till then!

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