Model wearing a Kheir Sannai plaid and camo suit

Hey Chrissettes!

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you may have already known that I’ve been attending the 10th anniversary Fashion Week San Diego shows. Personally, it feels pretty awesome since I got to go as a blogger this year. I also felt a twinge of nostalgia as I was an intern for FWSD last year. It was so nice to meet some dear friends, both old and new.

The Overview

Typically the event starts on a Thursday through Sunday, but since it’s their 10th anniversary, it started on a Wednesday with a VIP private screening of a new fashion film called the Red Pearl at The Lot in La Jolla.

The following day, it was all about the Art & Beauty Behind Fashion at the Andaz. Exactly as it sounds, the fashion presentation focuses on the hottest hair and makeup trends as well as stunning works of art in different forms.

The two days after, Friday and Saturday, are the most important days because it’s runway time, this year being at the Broadway Pier! Since there is a large pool of talented designers, they’re split as evenly as possible. But if it’s an odd number, the second day will feature more designers than the first.

Also, on these two days, attendees are encouraged to vote for their favorites by using an app that’ only available during the runway shows. The winner will be announced on Sunday and will have a cover on Locale Magazine.

Finally, on Sunday, it’s all about the shopping! Held at famous Hotel del Coronado, this is the perfect chance to meet the designers as well as shop the looks fresh off the runway, aka the day where my wallet will hate me, lol. It’s also the day when awards are presented, too. Aside from the Designer of the Year award, select models will also win an award as well.

Now let’s get started with the top five trends from FWSD Night One.

Night One: 5 Trends I Love


Glamorous Bling Bling – Haus of K2 & Alber Rezko

There’s nothing like a statement worthy piece of jewelry, and Haus of K2 as well as jewelry based brand, Alber Rezko, have brought down the haus, or should I say building, down with drop-dead gorgeous pieces of jewelry, my favorites being the elaborate headpieces Haus of K2 models wore and the stunning pearl necklaces from Alber Rezko.

Models wearing Wooning Designs and RACA designs.

Monochrome Pastel – Jamie Wooning, RACA Designs

If there is one look that every it girl/it guy has, it’s most likely all monochrome’d and in one base color, the most popular being nudes like deep browns to vibrant hues like bright blues and sunny yellows. This time it was all about the pastel monochrome Jamie Wooning and FWSD veteran, RACA Designs, brought to the runway shows. There were ombré lilac dresses to lavender playsuits to cotton candy colored tops, just to name a few.

All in all, it can easily be said that pastels can look as stunning as their lighter and darker colored siblings.

Models wearing I am Sublime and Kheir Sannai

Vibrant Reds – Kheir Sannai, I Am Sublime

Red is scientifically one of the best colors worn on a woman.

Because of this fact, its of no surprise that there were collections in Night One that featured this seductive color whether it was a moody burgundy like I am Sublime‘s dresses and cardigans to Kheir Sannai‘s tomato red.

Models wearing the Stylish Bisou

Vintage Floral Print – Stylish Bisou, I Am Sublime

Vintage will always be in.

Time and time again, all genders including some adorable canines, floral print has gone to reinvent itself, this time leaning more vintage than its typical feminine counterparts. Big, bold, and blessed with a touch of nostalgia, these big blooms are here to stay.

Models wearing I am Sublime

With Stylish Bisou, the label inspired by her insta-famous pug, Chloe, set on a white canvas, the Floral prints bloomed in shades of feminine pinks and greens. On the other hand, I am Sublime‘s Floral print pieces look gorgeous with the black background and stunning fall-colored blooms.

Models wearing Kheir Sannai

Contrasting Everything – Kheir Sannai

Combining bold prints and colors have been in trend lately, and labels like Kheir Sannai continually prove why it’s here to stay. While staying true to its minimalist design, I was pleasantly in love with the red and yellow colorblocking the Los Angeles label used in a few of her looks in her Spring/Summer collection.

Another notable look was Sannai’s camo/plaid suit, aka the one suit I never knew I ever needed until now for real, though… I want my own 🙁. Although the colors are very similar, the stunning prints helps set it apart. I wish I could have seen more of this combination, to be frank.

Stay tuned for Night Two!

Winners List

Designer of the Year: Baza Haute Couture

Runner up: Haus of K2

Second runner up: Territa Torres

Chelsea Casey Model of the Year Award: Anna Baretta

All photos courtesy of 656 Photography

It's FWSD's 10 year anniversary this 2017, and they're putting down all the stops this fashion season! See the top 5 trends made this list on Night One.

12 thoughts on “FWSD Night One: 5 Top Runway Trends”

  1. I need to check out next years Fashion Week! It looks like so much fun and how cool that you get to talk and shop the looks on the final day. Did you end up buying anything?!?!

  2. I love fashion shows, they’re so much fun to watch and be a part of. I’m loving the monochromatic pinks and pastels. Also the yellow Kheir Sannai dress is beautiful. I’m randomly a little obsessed with yellow at the moment!

    1. Right? I love being able to see the collections. <3 Love your picks! I can't blame you- yellow is such a fantastic color! x

  3. I am definitely swooning over most of these trends, especially the monochrome pastels, vibrant reds and contrast! The contrast trend puts a nice twist on the usual print mixing and it makes it so much easier to master!

    1. I know, right!? And I totally agree with you! Contrasting prints definitely do bring out an edgy touch. I sometimes feel like contrasting prints can be a lot easier than sticking to just one. x

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