This is part of a five part series, this one featuring Lynt’s black, microdot bodysuit. 

Can you believe it? Today’s the last day of my little holiday challenge, and I just wanted to use this section to thank you for your feedback. It’s been the most exhausting five days on my end, but seeing your notifications made my day. All the extra work + loss of sleep was worth it. Maybe enough to try my hand at 12 Days of Chrissymas next year, haha.

Once again, if you’ve never checked out some of my past looks, you can visit them all here: Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4

Now, I present the last and final outfit idea…the Chrissy look (if you’re not sure why, keep on reading below!)




The reason why this is called the Chrissy look is because I don’t really know what else to call it. While it does have a vintage look to it, it’s also not at the same time.

Plus, I wore a very similar outfit to when I first started collaborating with Lynt before I became their first brand ambassador.

I initially created this look using things I love while thinking of comfort. I’m an on-the-go kind of gal, so while I do love a good pair of heels, if I need to be somewhere fast, I gotta have my flat-footed footwear. If you’re wondering, I know how to run in heels, but that’s not really important right now, lol.

With lynt’s bodysuit being made of athletic fabrics and my mom jeans being super comfortable, my pastel pink cardigan helps add to that initial comfort while looking pretty fly at the same time.


Once again, thank you for sticking with me on our five day journey of last minute holiday outfit ideas. With this being said, I hope I was able to inspire you with your next OOTD.

Like all the outfits of days past, if you try this look out, tag me on social media and use the hashtag, #ChrissyLynt!

Happy holidays!

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