This is part of a five part series, this one featuring Lynt’s newest addition, the poncho.

Welcome to Day 3 of the Holiday Outfit Ideas challenge! Last time, I covered a look that transforms your everyday little black dress into something spectacular as well as an OOTD with faux, wide-legged trousers– all of which are easy to do.

This look I’m about to share with you is yet another easy look one can easily do, especially with your favorite vintage cardigans or jackets.

I present to you look 3…The Vintage Look!




When I think of vintage, the first thing that comes to mind were the outfits I wore and owned when I was small. Consisted of turtlenecks and vintage jackets, I felt like I embodied the 90’s look to a T.

Even today, I still like to imagine this as my kind of vintage-inspired look. What I love about this look is how effortless it is (remember the Model Off Duty look I posted a while back?). With the poncho’s loud and colorful prints, I kept everything else to a minimum being a minimalist and all.


As for accessories, I opted not to use any, but some minimal jewelry would be a perfect match. If you’re able to pull off contrasting prints, on the other hand, more power to you. I can’t always pull that off, unfortunately.

Once again, thanks for sticking with me for three days! Just two more left, and I’m so excited to share the rest with you!


Show me your vintage looks by tagging me on social media with the hashtag, #VintageLynt!

2 thoughts on “Holiday Outfit Ideas: Vintage Patterned Outerwear”

    1. Thank you so much, Emily! I definitely agree with the pop of color- it’s such a great alternative, especially if one isn’t too fond of the typical holiday sweaters. x

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