Meet Holy Matcha, San Diego's Pinkest Tea House

Having lived in San Diego for a while now, I love exploring much of it as I can. After all, it is pretty large, making it so much easier for me to take more staycations and mini trips.

So, when I happened to hear that a new matcha place opened up shop at North Park, I was more than excited, especially since I grew up loving tea for as long as I can remember thanks to my heritage.

Plus, I happened to hear that it was rather pink, which also is one of my favorite colors in the world. Not that it had to do with anything, just saying.

Originally it opened on March 11th, but since it was pretty packed and it was the day of the workshop, I decided to come back another time. Speed it up to the 25th, and I suddenly found myself walking towards it with my good friend Crystal.

If you’ve been following my blog religiously, you may have seen her name or a photo of her pop up occasionally. To keep it short and sweet, we’ve been friends for a little over than a year thanks to the internship at Fashion Week San Diego. Since then, we try to hang out every once in a while despite our weird schedules.

But Hello Holy Matcha

Meet Holy Matcha, San Diego's Pinkest Tea House

Meet Holy Matcha, San Diego's Pinkest Tea House

While I was a little sad to have missed out on the flower wall they had when they first opened, this is the place tumblr had told/shown me about all these years. Seriously though, it really does screams Tumblr aesthetic but in a cool way with its pink walls, plant wallpaper, and a trendy neon sign near the counter.

#protip: go to the bathroom. Trust me on this. You may or may not take a lot of selfies there. You have been warned.

The Food and Drink

Meet Holy Matcha, San Diego's Pinkest Tea House

Since it was a tea room, many of their drinks + food had the matcha ingredient, but we decided to get avocado toast and some tea instead. I sort of forgot what she got sorry for being a crappy friend, but I got Rose Oolong tea. It turned out to be so yummy as I’m a little obsessed with anything rose flavored/scented. Or as my boyfriend puts it, eating flowers, haha. I’ve only eaten flowers once, okay? But that’s for another story for another time.

They did have matcha donuts, but we weren’t a huge fan of how soft it was. Guess every person to their own, right?

Overall, we both had such a great time. I highly recommend this place if you’re up for a snack just don’t forget to call me or if you want to check out their aesthetic. I know I’ll definitely be coming back.

Who knows, maybe you’ll see me hanging around, eating yet another slice of their delicious avocado toast or trying out some of their other drinks or just admiring the aesthetic again.

Meet Holy Matcha, San Diego's Pinkest Tea House

Are there any places like Holy Matcha in your city? Leave me a comment below!

14 thoughts on “Meet Holy Matcha, San Diego’s Pinkest Tea House”

  1. This place looks amazing! Definitely recommending it to my friend who’s going to San Diego for her spring break! Also, on an unrelated note – have you tried Sweet Rose Tulsi tea from Organic India? It’s my current favorite! 🙂

    1. She should definitely come stop by- it’s such a great place! I’ve never tried that before, but now I have to! Thanks for sharing with me. 🙂 x

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