How to Hang Art with Modern Map Art

This post is sponsored by Modern Map Art. All opinions are a 100% mine as always.

A while ago on Instagram, I asked if anyone would be interested in seeing me try my hand at interior design and you said yes! While I’m not exactly a pro, my inner creative wants to try something new for a change. I just hope I won’t disappoint that much since I’m a noob at this.

Here’s to all the future fails and constant staring at Pintrest again and again.

One of my mantras in life is that everything you pursue or do, or in this case, live in is an extension of yourself. 

Just like your clothes, the interiors of your home is a part of who you are.

Also, an aesthetically cool interior promotes a better sense of well-being for everyone who lives and visits. This comes in handy as I’ve had breathing issues in the past, and I don’t want to die yet. Also, I may or may not be sarcastic here, haha.

Like all millennials, I don’t make a lot of money to do something completely drastic to my cute, lil apartment, but I’ll be focusing more on how to create a cool home on a budget instead. (So, if you have a cool guide, it’s the right time to send it to me because I’ll try it).

Today, I’ll be focusing on the very naked walls of my room. 

A while ago, I had the chance to visit a really cool town home in Chula Vista for a cool meeting I was invited to be a part of.

If I could sum it all in one sentence, it’ll be something like this: it’s a creative’s dream home.

How to Hang Art with Modern Map Art

How to Hang Art with Modern Map Art

Their walls were filled with their photography, their art, and art from others. Being an artist myself, this was like I was taking a nice stroll in a museum- I was sucked in by everything. I guess it was a museum of sorts as it does have photos of their adorable family and in sense, a peek into their history and not in a creepy way, I promise.

Being a self-proclaimed minimalist, I didn’t mind the busyness and the bright pops of color at all. I had to admit, though, I had to sit down and reevaluate my life choices for a little bit because all the colors looked that cool together. But I came around. 😉

When I started considering what I should start doing for my walls, I had to think about what kind of colors I wanted to use. 

I eventually stuck to two types of blues, beige, white, and some purple/black/red as I wanted to incorporate my boyfriend’s favorite color: blue. 

In a perfect world, my colors would have been black, white, and some pink/gold, though.

How to Hang Art with Modern Map Art

When I received this print from Modern Map Art, I was pretty excited since 1) it was a map of San Diego, 2) it had two of colors I wanted, and 3) it fitted my minimalist lifestyle.

Since it was too pretty to frame it, I used a metal binder clip to hang it up instead. I paired it with this photograph of the Eiffel Tower shot by Christopher Bliss, a New York photographer who specializes in shooting urban skylines, alongside the award my blog and I won last year. 

While I’ve only been living in San Diego for a couple of years, the map was really a neat piece. Being a creative writer, I often tend to associate some of my favorite, special things with a symbolic meaning. For this, it represented my love of San Diego and I’m so thankful to Jennifer, the artist behind this amazing work of art, for sending it to me.

If you’re interested in supporting a cool artist, click here to shop for your own map of your city!

I do plan on getting more art like more of Paris, aka the place I’ve been wanting to go to since I was 7 to hang up on my walls, too, so this is sort of temporary. But you get the idea, right? 

The fun part is that doing this is pretty inexpensive since all you really need are:

  • your favorite art and/or photo
  • a push pin (I got a whole box from a cute Asian store for a dollar, but you can always go to your local Office Depot or Staples to get yours)
  • a clip (it’s free since I found it laying around, but if you do buy some, it’s typically inexpensive).

Yay for not breaking the budget and my wallet!

Plus, doing this is a new way of putting art up. I’ve also shared a cool blog post about hanging up more stuff on your walls you can read all about by clicking here.

For now, this cool print will be up in the corner of my room and I hope to add more to it soon.

If you do want to get jiggy with it, you can stick your artsy piece onto a piece of colored paper to create a, I guess, faux frame, since you’re not really using a frame.

Special thanks to the cool family I got the wall decor inspo from- your home still continues to be an inspiration every time I decorate mine.

How to Hang Art with Modern Map Art

So, what are your favorite ways to hang up your prints? Are there any tips you’d like to share with me? If so, leave me a comment below- they might just be featured on the next blog post!

20 thoughts on “How to Hang Your Art with Modern Map Art”

  1. I’m moving in a few months so this post is well timed for me. I like to see a lot of art on walls. I’ve had a lot of art in storage that picked up from living in other countries and I’m determined to get it all hung once I move. Great post really enjoyed it!

  2. Your walls are decorated a lot nicer than mine are. I don’t have anything hanging up, only furniture haha! I wish I had tips to give you, but I’ll save all that decorating stuff for my fiancé. I’m not good with interior decorating :/

    1. Haha, thank you! It’s just a start, but I’m loving it (I’m a newbie at this). I hope I was able to inspire you in some way! x

    1. Thank you! I’ve always like the idea of matching colors and figured it would be work with interior design, too. x

  3. awesome! you got great style and taste. Your decor looks chic and exudes a stylish and youthful vibe! Seems like you have much artsy and creative talent!

  4. I’ve been wanting to hang prints on my wall, but just haven’t gotten around to it yet. Your post is inspiring me to stop being lazy and give it a try! I love how you decorated your wall. It’s perfect and my type of style 🙂

  5. I love this. I really do agree that interiors really reflect who you are so they are so important. I am looking forward to having my own home so i can do up the interiors.

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