A minimalist outfit

spring blossoms

Black denim and Calvin Klein

Citizen Waterproof Watch

Renowned fashion designer Giorgio Armani once said, “Elegance is not about being noticed, it’s about being remembered. I couldn’t help but feel that way when I decided to wear a special watch for this photoshoot. Even this location turned out to be one for the books as I noticed a tree showing off its best blossoms; whenever I walk past by, I’ll always remember the scent and beauty of the flowers regardless of the season.

Recently, I had the courage to wear my mother’s watch after deciding not to wear it for a while; the screws often unscrewed themselves and worried that I might accidentally lose it, I left it in my homemade jewelry box where it waited for the day it would find itself upon my wrists once again. Whilst I am in the process of getting it repaired, this Citizen watch is one of my favorite mementos from her.

Whenever I look at it, I am constantly reminded of her legacy, fashion-wise, from when I was a young girl. As a minimalist, she often wore large shirts, basic pants, and statement accessories so effortlessly that I was at one point, envious. However, as the years continue to pass on by, her style is continually playing a large role in what I wear and will continue for the rest of my days.

Her philosophy in fashion has always been and is simple: less is more. And to be frank,¬†I couldn’t say it any better myself.

A minimalist outfit

Top: Love21 | Pants: SheIn | Shoes: Thrift | Watch: Citizen | Tote: Calvin Klein

After many years of observing her, I noticed that she had basic colors like blacks, browns, and reds, just to name a few; she wasn’t a fan of too many prints for the longest time. However, the printed shirts she did have were consisted of two to three colors that helped enhance the outfit even more. While my top doesn’t have additional shades of color, it did have different sized holes running on opposing sides of each other. I chose a simple skinny jean trouser as well as these easy to slide wedge-like shoes to add to my minimalist look.

What about you? What is your fashion philosophy?

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