If you have been on my blog lately or have been with me since the beginning, you may have noticed that I tend to re-wear my clothing. However, I incorporate each item in such distinct looks that it is often difficult to notice.

In my daily attire, I am very adamant about expanding my closet because I love to try and get the most use for my money. This means that I will take a piece and incorporate it into my outfit distinctly from the first time so that it may not even be recognizable as the same piece.


Here are three outfits with the same shirt. In this blog post, I will share the tips I use to wear the same item with different looks.

Pick an item you wear often and decide for what purposes you wear that item. This will help you decide the stylistic approaches that you want to incorporate.

My item is this beige turtleneck sleeveless crop top that I wear on days I want to dress up my casualness. This could be for a day in the city, going to the movies, or on a dinner date with my friends.

Style 1 – Comfortable, Edgy, Cute

How to Style a Turtleneck 3 Different Ways on The Chrissy Collective

This is an outfit that I would wear to go shopping in the city or spend my afternoon at the park. This look is really monotone compared to the other two looks.

I decided to make the yellow of the shoes be the only color that stands out, but even so it is not bold. It is a very monotone yellow. Β It is the only outfit without layers which makes the focus point the shirt.

Therefore, when I do wear this same shirt with layers the item will look different because the focus point will not be the shirt.

Style 2 – Edgy, Classic, Bold

How to Style a Turtleneck 3 Different Ways on The Chrissy Collective

In this look, I would go to the movies, to karaoke, or happy hour (if I was old enough). The overalls in this piece do a great job of adding an extra layer to the shirt which instantly changes the vibe. This makes the shirt come off a little more casual since the overalls are so outspoken, which is great because it stimulates a balance.

Style 3 – Edgy, Modern, Mature

How to Style a Turtleneck 3 Different Ways on The Chrissy Collective

This is something I would wear to a night out dancing, a day shopping in the city, or to a roof top party. In this piece, I decided to make my shoes the vocal point, so I dimmed the shirt by adding a long layer, black pants, and loud shoes.

The red lip close to the turtle neck is perfect because it takes away from the focus point being the shirt. Here, it was important for me to layer the shirt in a different way. Where in Style 1 there was no layer; in Style 2, the layer was front and back; and in style 3, I wanted the layer to be on the sides.

To further silence the shirt, I decided to go without a necklace so that they eyes do not focus in on it.



  • Highlight different parts of the shirt
  • Associate it with different colors
  • Plan to wear it to different occasions. This will make you have to think of it in a different way and force you to try and do combinations that would make sense for the occasion.

I love using these tips to expand my closet because it helps me think creatively and allows me to wear items repeatedly to different locations. It is difficult at first, but after a couple of times it becomes almost instinct.

Just remember, people rarely wear an item exactly how it looks on a mannequin. We all have our distinctive style and just because an item is classified as casual does not mean you cannot make it look high end.

What are your favorite tips? Leave a comment below!

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    1. Thank you so much! Forever 21 girl it was about ten dollars or a little less ! It’s so versatile as well, one of my favorite pieces.

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