How to Style White Sneakers

Suspender dress: Thrift | Turtleneck: Charlotte Russe | Coat: Banana Republic | Ring: Thrift | Sneakers: Thrift

Starting from a young age, I’ve always known I’d be a high-heeled kind of gal. It even became a joke amongst a few of my friends that I was their Victoria Beckham with my love for my stilettos, kitten-heels, and wedges, just to name a few. Quite frankly, I didn’t mind at all; it was true after all. The reason why I enjoyed wearing these types of shoes is how each type and style adds a different type of aura, if you will, to an outfit. Even more so with dresses. for a long time, I stuck with my high-heels until some of my favorite fashionistas like Chriselle Lim from The Chriselle Factor to Rihanna wore their rubber-soled shoes with a feminine-esque dress. As the sneaker trend continues to place it’s best (and fashionable) foot forward, like many heel-loving aficionados, I wasn’t feeling the transition yet. It’s a common misconception that only wearing your dress shoes paired with your formal dress is the only combo you can use, especially at formal events. However, after giving it a shot myself, athletic footwear is worth trying out.

If you were like me a few weeks ago asking yourself, “How can I style my white- sneakers with a dress?” Here are 5 tips to help you get started!

How to style white sneakers

1. Pay attention to what your shoe is saying

Keeping in mind how high-heels each have their own vibe, the same applies to this type of footwear, too. For example, Air Jordans look more sporty than Converse while Adidas Superstars, a favorite in the fashion community, tend to be more versatile in terms of appearance.

white sneakers outfit

2. Keep it simple

This step is more like an extension of the first one as it requires you to think even further on what your shoe is trying to say. While I’m not against those who prefer bright colors, I prefer to stick to neutrals as most of my wardrobe is consisted of those shades, if not similar. The same goes for prints. Although I do love the simplicity of one shade of color, the roses on my sneakers adds a feminine touch not just for my feet, but for the outfit I wore.

Monochromatic suspender dress

3. Stick to a similar color palette

Sticking to similarity gives off the famed “I woke up like this”, effortless look that drives everyone with envy. In my OOTD, I stuck with colors of black, grey, and white with the occasional pops of greens and reds thanks to the floral pattern on my sneakers. This doesn’t mean that you have to stick to a limited amount of colors; you can go full monochrome and you’ll achieve just as much success as the former.

Thrifted Elephant Ring

4. Less is more

Take in mind with what you would typically see at the gym or when you watch a Nike commercial. What do they have in common? These people aren’t wearing too much. Rather, they’re wearing important staples. Do this for the dress + sneaker combo, too: use what you need. For me, I selected a this cute elephant ring plus an oversized coat from Banana Republic not solely because of its style, but because it was necessary (I get cold too fast). As for the dog fur, I have two hyperactive puppies that love to roll around in my clothes, especially the black ones.

A Church Sign

5. Stay confident

Regardless if you’re trying this for the first time or if you’re a sneakerhead veteran, being confident in what YOU wear is key. After all, YOU are the star and the model of YOUR own runway.

Have you ever tried this trend before? I would love to hear from you! Be sure to leave your comments down below.

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