A Chistian Sirrano clutch and strappy heels.

Thanks to my brother, I’ve become attached to my sweatpants. Even when I stayed at his house a while ago, I secretly wanted to ‘borrow’ all of them. Alas, I was able to purchase a few of my own, and now I can’t stop wearing them.

When one hears the word ‘sweatpants,’ it’s often associated with gym attire or in-home lounge wear. For the most part, this is the case due to how comfortable it is. However, I recently discovered that sweatpants are and can be a fantastic alternative for business casual wear and had to try it out on my own.

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I’m a stickler for the simple things in life and so is this concept. When broken down, there are just three basic things you need: sweatpants, a nice dress shirt, and your best shoes. Then, you can worry about what accessories you want to use, but really, it’s that simple!

In my outfit, I chose a pair of dark green sweats to wear with a vintage, loose-fitting button-up shirt I ‘borrowed’ from my mom. Albeit the looseness, there’s something quite professional about it as it gives off a relaxed vibe. With strappy heels and a Christian Sirrano clutch, my version of the look is complete.


A business casual outfit with sweatpants.

A business-casual outfit in sweatpants.

Top: My mom’s closet | Sweatpants: Thrift | Shoes: Styles for Less | Clutch: Christian Sirrano

If you might recognize the image above, it’s because I recently collaborated with Iesha Thompson of Living Lesh. This makes my very first, and I’m super excited. Be sure to visit here!

Would you ever give this look a try? Leave a comment down below!

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