The Chrissy Collective's October Muse Elisabeth Balachova

October is typically the time where many people tend to bring out their fall/winter staples as it begins to grow cooler as each day passes. Keeping this in mind, meet Elisabeth Balachova.

Hailing from New York, she is the owner and founder of Miss Unladylike, a style blog that aims to “bring down the patriarchy, one blazer at a time.” Like both Marla and Jamerly, Elisabeth is a woman who embraces who she is, even more so through her own sense of style and her blazers:

I want to show that there are other ways of being feminine besides wearing dresses and skirts. I want women to have the freedom of wearing what they want.

Prior to this, however, she tells me that she underwent numerous ‘identities’ such as skater chick to even becoming a sponsor for H&M back in the day before reinventing herself into the Unladylike woman she is today.

CB: Tell me a little more about how you started your blog, Miss Unladylike.

EB: Honestly, I got into blogging because I was changing my career path; I had never even looked at another blog before I decided to start my own. I studied Business Economics and concentrated on environmental issues.

After I graduated, I decided I wanted to work in the fashion industry. I thought blogging would show that I was serious about fashion, even though I don’t have any direct experience. I ended up loving the creative outlet it gave me. I decided to pursue it even further and educate myself on all of the business opportunities it can bring.

CB: What were some difficulties you experienced when you became a blogger?

EB: Figuring out the best platform. I had a very specific vision for my blog and I had to play around until I achieved it; I wanted my blog to look like Instagram.

Discovering my niche was also difficult. I originally planned to focus on corporate wear. I typically wear blazers, so the obvious route was to write about what to wear to work. When I scoped out the competition, I realized that’s not what I wanted to do.

I wanted to experiment with my own style and strictly writing about corporate wear would limit me.

CB: Going into fashion, when did you start wearing blazers?

EB: I bought my first blazer during my senior year of high school, and I never turned back.

She then goes on to explain that her wardrobe is typically consisted of pointed-toe shoes and an overall aesthetic of black and white with her favorite pieces being a tuxedo blazer and a cape blazer. A nonconformist to today’s fast fashion and trends, she is the epitome of one who knows her style and sticks to it.

The Chrissy Collective's October Muse, Elisabeth Balachova

CB: You’ve mentioned that you’re not one to follow trends, but are there any that you like?

EB: If I had to choose one, it would be capes. They are very trendy right now, but I don’t see many people wearing them. That might be why they appeal to me.

I think it creates such a chic look, but I am very particular – they have to be the correct length. Other than that, I pretty much wear blazers all year round. (Yes, even during the summer).

Don’t be wishy-washy and do things because you think people will like it.

CB: Who are your Muses?

EB: My main muse has been Leandra Medine from Man Repeller. I love her free personality and risks with fashion. She inspired me to be true to myself. I also like the designer behind Eddie Eddie by Billy Tommy.

I’m inspired by people who take risks, even if they are not favorable to the population.

This one is more random, but I am also in love with Amber Rose. She is such a strong feminist role model. I saw her once from a distance and screamed like a little girl. Elizabeth Warren is another great example. She so strong and willing to fight for the people.

CB: Is there anything you would like to tell an aspiring fashion/style blogger?

EB: Know what your style identity is. It’s hard to create a blog if you don’t know who you are. This is important when reaching out to brands. When they look at your page, they are looking for the best possible match, not someone who is all over the place.

Also, stay true to your ideas. After blogging for a few months, I began to doubt my niche. I didn’t think there was an audience for me because there are no other bloggers like me.  I thought about changing my blog name and going a different route, but [after seeing Eddie Eddie by Billy Tommy on NYFW], I decided to continue with Miss Unladylike.

The Chrissy Collective's October Muse, Elisabeth Balachova

if [a] person can be themselves and be successful, then there’s no reason I can’t.


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