There is nothing like a good neutral, am I right? In this case, I got two and two is better than 1. 


Not too long ago, I had the opportunity to get to know Alison Metcalfe of Salud Shoppe here in San Diego. Being an Eco-friendly/sustainable boutique, they featured brands like Sourcing Theory and Groceries Apparel, both of which were founded in Los Angeles.

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, Alison sent me the sweetest care package last year, and it contained some of the most gorgeous neutrals I’ve ever seen. Here’s a look at one:


Bralette: Groceries Apparel | Perfume: Bulgari

Both the bralette and the boxy shirt (I got it in a medium for an even more boxy-er look) were both made out of 100% organic cotton, and it sure was comfy.

After wearing them for a while, I could tell there was a difference between this and other cotton clothing I’ve worn in the past. It soon instantly became some of my everyday staples to the point where I’ll be sharing with you a very pastel OOTD this Friday, which is now up on the blog.

While I haven’t worked with the company directly, so to speak, and believe me, I would love to, it’s incredibly important to understand that sustainable clothing is so important, especially since fast fashion and textile industries are one of the biggest polluters out there.

People tend to not know this too well, but it’s an important issue, especially with global warming on the rise. Since then, I’ve been learning more about it and how it’s impacting the world. 

In writing this, I hope you’re a little more aware of what the clothes we wear and toss do to the earth, and I highly recommend shopping for sustainable products and go to boutiques like Salud Shoppe that sell environmentally friendly clothing and makeup.

I, myself, will aim to become a better consumer as well.

What are your favorite ways to reuse your clothes? Leave me your thoughts below!

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