Bath Time with Rock the Bath Bar

This post is sponsored by Rock the Bath Bar. Like always, all opinions are 100% mine.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always enjoyed taking care of my skin. From trying out my own DIY recipes to testing out numerous body lotions and butters goodbye dry, ashy knees and elbows, I’ve prided on keeping my skin as healthy as the rest of me.

When it comes to actual skin care it’s not just the face!, my skin has a bit of a tendency to get dry if I don’t pay any attention to it. I think the fastest I’ve ever seen my skin look and feel like the desert took 1.5 days. Sigh

As far as my ashy knees and elbow goes, it’s pretty obvious that they’re the driest parts of my skin thanks to all the leaning on walls and crawling on the carpet to grab my socks from underneath the bed thanks doggies. Another reason why they get so dry fast is because they don’t have that many oil glands in comparison to your armpits or anything else now that I think about it.

And those are some of the reasons why I love taking care of my skin well, there’s the fact that it feels sooo good afterwards and that you could basically pass as a flower if you wanted to.

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So, when I had to chance to work with Nikie Wishnow of Rock the Bath Bomb, aka the lead rocker, I was more than excited to give it a try since the ingredients were all natural.

Luckily, I was able to test out their Glam Boxes. It includes one Soap Saver if you don’t know what this is, keep on reading, one Awesome Artesian soap, a Banging Bubble Bath bomb, a Legit Lotion bar, as well as a homemade USA Pine Soap Deck. Optional: curious doge.

Bath Time with Rock the Bath Bar

Bath Time with Rock the Bath Bar

When I first opened my package, which was really cute and fun to open, I got the sweetest card alongside my Glam Box, a vintage Garbage Pails sticker, as well as some candy. I knew I was going to love the way it smelled because of how I could already smell it through the package. It smells that good! I soon found out that the smell came from a green/reddish bath bomb. 

I was glad I got to try an additional three artesian soaps, but I was a little surprised I didn’t get the cool deck I don’t mind, though, cuz soaps.

On each of the packages, they contain all the ingredients as well as what song … was rocking out to when she was making them. I thought that personal touch was a cool thing to add since it shows me that she genuinely loves doing what she does.

As for all the names of the products I used, here they are below:

Before using a soap saver, I had one of those scrunchie poofs or a face towel is that an Asian thing? to use. But after giving it a try, I think I need more. Like the name, all you have to do is just place your soap inside, and just like that, you’re saving soap by keeping it inside as well as using the right amount of soap you really need. 

Pretty cool, am I right?

The First Try

Bath Time with Rock the Bath Bar

The artesian shaving bar perfectly fit inside the soap saver, and I can’t tell you how smooth and hydrated my skin felt, especially having to shave again. The smell did surprise me for a bit since I love my super floral-y scents the best (hello rose, hibiscus, and lavender) as well as the super musky Axe body wash, but it turned out to be quiet pleasant to both my nose and my skin. It contains jasmine, so I was pretty stoked about that, though.

With the smaller soaps, my favorite is Mother Ocean out of the three. Containing ingredients like orange and rose, not only does it smell good, it looks just as good. There’s even golden flecks on the ‘foam’, too! 

Overall, I loved everything I tested out so far, and couldn’t wait to test the rest out!

 The Next Trial

Bath Time with Rock the Bath Bar

Although I did shave using the Artesian Shaving Soap, I didn’t get the chance to use the lotion bar to keep my skin hydrated. 

But this time I remembered. 

Out of all the products and I haven’t even tried the bath bomb at this point, I wasn’t fond of it…at first. The instructions said to rub it on your skin until it gets absorbed after you’re done shaving. This is where it got tricky as the bar was already kind of slippery thanks to the oil. Plus, it made me sneeze a few times due to the super strong scent. I have to admit, I didn’t like the smell at first but it eventually grew on me. 

It did work its magic- my skin felt as smooth as a baby’s bum.

Later on, I tried the bath bomb, but I made a huge mistake: I didn’t place the bath bomb underneath the running water as it instructed me to. Instead, I placed it in the water and let it fizz its heart out. 

Still, there were bubbles, but not a lot since I didn’t read the instructions oopsie daisy. The water because a light mint color and it smelled so good. Even as I got off to get ready for work, the scent lingered on my skin. 

Overall, I love the whole concept that Rock the Bath Bar has as well as the all the products I got to test out, too. All the products were well-made and are super affordable; I know I’ll be shopping here again because I want to test out more floral ones like this Lavender one.

There’s even a dog-friendly artesian soap for the lil furbabies in your life do not try it on your cats, even if they’re your furbabies.

Come visit Rock the Bath Bar here, and tell Nikie I sent ya!

Bath Time with Rock the Bath Bar

What did you think of the products I tried today? Do you have any recommendations? Leave me a comment below!

13 thoughts on “Bath Time with Rock the Bath Bar”

  1. Those soaps sound so fancy! And they seem like they smell really good too but ultimately it’s how they make your skin look and feel so it’s great that it worked out for you!

    1. They are! I love all the ingredient that were used in each product. Yup! I’m really happy with their products, and I can’t wait to get more once I finish everything. x

  2. Are all these products made by hand? Also, I’d like to know if they’re using clean chemical free ingredients? I’ve reacted to so many products that I am always looking for clean products 🙂

  3. I love the time taken so send a handwritten note, it is such a stunning idea. I would love to receive a box of bath goodies like this.

  4. I love baths, but I don’t like the bath tub we have in our house. Hope to get it changes pretty soon. Do these things explode when they hit the water?

  5. Never used it but was amazed to read the about it .I DNT think will able to use it as it is not available in India

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