Ruffles, Puff Sleeves, and a Koko Couture Structured Bag

This is sponsored by Koko Couture. Like always, all opinions are 100% mine.

Before we begin, I’m going to internally scream because I’m working with my first UK brand. I can’t help but feel so excited because you can say I grew up in a British environment from an early age. Don’t worry, I’ll explain this down below. ๐Ÿ˜‰

If you don’t know, I was born in Hong Kong back in 1994. If you’re a history nerd like me, you may know that the British temporary owned the Chinese territory, more like loaned, for a while, meaning that their influence was very, very strong despite being a part of China.ย 

I even spoke like one, too.

The English I learned at school wasn’t American English, it was British. So, I’d say things like rubbish instead of trash and aeroplane instead of airplane for the longest time. I even did the whole s instead of z thing, too.ย 

If there’s one thing, aside from the British fashion and music scene, I hold onto today, it’s the language. I still do have trouble deciding if I should write some words a certain way because of my diverse environment.

Ruffles, Puff Sleeves, and a Koko Couture Structured Bag

Hong Kong is a world city after all, and I’m still proud of where I grew up, including the UK part.

That’s why I’m so happy to be working with Koko Kouture, a UK retailer that provides the fashionista with the latest in women’s fashion without breaking the bank.

If you’ve been following the fashion scene noticing what people wear counts, too, then you may know that ruffles, puffy sleeves, and the structured handbag are some of today’s hottest trends.ย 

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The ruffle trend started gaining its momentum back at the Paris RTW runways in 2016. From Comme des Garรงons to Alexander McQueen, ruffles made any top, pant, dress, or anything really look 10x cooler.ย 

Even though it’s 2017, this trend – like the off-the-shoulder tops, for example – have continued to be a Spring and Summer staple. I guess I should have added that to the title, huh?

One of the cool things I love about this trend is how ruffles aren’t just for the very feminine fashionista anymore, but it’s come to be extremely versatile for the ladies who aren’t so feminine like me, something that I look for whenever I watch for trends.

Going on to puff sleeves, that was yet another trend that roamed the 2016 Fall runways. With so many different types, like the exaggerated shoulder to the oversized cuff to a puffed sleeve, this trend isn’t dying anytime either.

Outfit Details

Ruffles, Puff Sleeves, and a Koko Couture Structured Bag

Top: Poetry | Denim: from my mom, DIY by me | Belt: Thrift | Oxfords: Cupid | Bag: Koko Couture | Earrings: some store in Rancho Cucamonga

It may not look like it, but I’ve had this top since I was in middle school aka way back when it wasn’t that popular. Even at that time, I’ve had an eye for anything that made a statement, and this top was no exception. I adored how cute the sleeves were and how I can wear it in so many different ways.ย 

I even remember telling and convincing my mom that I NEEDED this top because of how unique it was you the VIP. Fast forward to today, I’m just really glad I had it all these years and it’s not because it’s currently on every fashion girl’s shopping list.

It’s because I found something I really love.

Ruffles, Puff Sleeves, and a Koko Couture Structured Bag

Ruffles, Puff Sleeves, and a Koko Couture Structured Bag

The same goes with this amazing bag from Koko Kouture 2017 Spring Collection. Coincidentally having the same name as me – it’s spelled Chrissie, so it’s sort of similar – it was love at first sight, especially with its vintage look and the faux snakeskin exterior. Aside from white, it also comes in three other colors which you can check out here. I chose white because it matched my style and because of this fashion rule I follow religiously, a story I’ll tell you another time, I promise.

Also, look at how amazing the structure is. I can’t get over itttt.

It also comes with a metal chain so you can easily transform it into a shoulder bag whenever you like. I tend to keep it in my bag just in case I do something that asks me to be hands-on, like shopping or snapping a photo or two. (Need both hands, okay?)

If there’s one thing I love about my wardrobe, they’re almost all statement pieces gotta have those weird, sentimental, and ugly shirts for everyday wear, yenno?. This makes it so much easier for me to dress up to the point where I don’t usually need a mirror at because I know that I’ll be wearing something I love all the time, all while boosting my confidence.

After all, confidence is one of the best accessories anybody should have.

Ruffles, Puff Sleeves, and a Koko Couture Structured Bag

Ruffles, Puff Sleeves, and a Koko Couture Structured Bag

With this mindset in mind, I chose my favorite oxfords and these hand me down/DIY high-waisted jeans right away. I added this fun belt to balance the outfit; it distributes the overpowering ruffles + puff sleeves and the distressed denim cutouts. Pretty neat how something as simple as a belt can have that much power, right?

I also found these super cute mouse earrings when I visited Rancho Cucamonga for a while. Just like my clothes, my jewelry is all statement.

What I love about this feminine look is that I was still able to keep in tune with my own style while incorporating some of spring’s hottest trends. As a firm believe in style over fashion, I’m proud of staying true to myself no matter hot or trendy something is.

Plus, doing this helps me and my style evolve as I try on different clothing. It’s so much fun especially being pushed over the edge sometimes, haha.ย 

Ruffles, Puff Sleeves, and a Koko Couture Structured Bag

So, what did you think of this ruffle top, puff sleeve and structured bag combo (and apparently, the off-the-shoulder trend)? Leave me a comment down below!

25 thoughts on “Ruffles, Puff Sleeves, and a Koko Couture Structured Bag”

  1. Love the look! It seems like the off shoulder look is in this spring! P.S. I grew up in Canada and despite being so close to our American neighbor, I sometimes tend to speak British English too! Who would have thought? I think it s because my parents were originally from Singapore, which was a British colony. Smiles!

    1. Thank you! Yes, the off-the-shoulder tops are still going strong this year. Haha, I’m glad you could relate; I thought I was alone in this. x

  2. I’m not a fan of the ripped denim trend. But like all trends they’re on a merry-go-round and eventually come back. This off the shoulder top is sweet though. It is a classic top so I imagine it will be a part of a staple collection.

    1. Thank you! I wish I could tell you where I got them as they were my mom’s, but as for the distressed part, I think I linked it somewhere (they’re DIY!). x

  3. Oh British English vs American English. I’m an American English teacher in Spain and people always prefer British here. So they call erasers rubbers and like you said, trash rubbish. It’s interesting for sure. Also ruffles are quite in these days.

    1. Right? It’s fascinating how different they are. Despite not having been in HK for a while now or surrounded by British English speakers, I still have trouble which words I want to use subconsciously. Yes, they really are. x

  4. I absolutely love this look! I am a huge fan of the ruffled sleeve trend, and I love the ripped denim that you paired with it. Congrats on teaming up with your first UK brand!

    ~xo Sheree

  5. Looking chic as usual! Also, I’m so excited that you’re so excited about a British brand! I’m from the UK, and yeah, there are so many differences in language. I love it though! One of my faves is ‘route’ – we say it like ‘root’ and Americans say ‘rowt’! Also, that bag is so cool. XXX

    1. Thanks, Leanne! Yes, it felt so exciting to work with a brand from the UK! It brought back memories from my childhood. Same here! Haha, I still pronounce it as ‘root’ even though I’ve lived in the States for most of my life, among many others. I think my favorites have to be pastry and rubbish. Guess it goes to show how much culture can leave a lasting impact on one’s life, or in this case, language. xx

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