A Rustic Wedding Shoot at Soul Care House Barn

Hello loves! 

If you’ve been following me on Instagram or Twitter, then you may know that I recently styled an amazing shoot with some of the coolest creatives San Diego has. 

I remember feeling pretty excited because that day marked my first solo venture as a stylist! Now, don’t take me wrong- I’ve done plenty of styling before. 

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Here’s my story

I think I’ve always known I wanted to be a stylist. Ever since I was young, I would come up with unique concepts for my dolls as well as my stuffed animals they were just as important as my Barbies and style them until I was happy with the way it looked. 

As I grew older, my models turned from my toys to the neighborhood’s kids. I’d often give them style advice in hopes they’ll discover their own style hidden deep inside.

Fast forward to a couple years back, my internship at Fashion Week San Diego reawakened that childhood passion, especially when I helped style a shoot for B.JASH.I. at the La Valencia Hotel. Since then, I’ve worked behind-the-scenes, sometimes as a dresser and sometimes as an assistant. 

I never really had my own moment in the sun until that weekend.

A photographer I worked with last time at the Day Dreamers Workshop was running another shoot at Soul Care House Barn, and she needed a stylist. 

As Matthew Kepnes once said, “I don’t regret trying something new. Scare yourself once in a while,” I remember feeling that exact same way. Not only was I in charge of styling, I was actually in charge-charge. I wasn’t just fixing hair or adjusting clothes, I get to pick everything out, too.

Even though I had prepped a week before the shoot, I kept imagining and changing what I needed to bring a bit too much hello overzealous, perfectionist side, but I felt pretty confident I could do it.

A Rustic Wedding Shoot at Soul Care House Barn

The Location

I never thought there would be a barn house so pretty as this, especially in Mission Hills out of all places. Erica, the photographer hosting the workshop, aka the sweetest bossbabe ever, found this nifty place through social media connecting not only people, but cool places, one geotag at a time. 

With the theme being rustic minimalism, this dress from Free People made the perfect wedding dress. Combined with flowers from Native Poppy, and stationary from October & Rum, it made the perfect shoot.

Gavi, the model, was absolutely stunning. Being a lover of the dark, mysterious aesthetic, Gavi killed the entire shoot. They say that a good model can advance fashion, but in this case, she is the perfect it-girl. 

Words can’t even express how proud of how the photos turned out. While I’ve provided my own for this post, feel free to visit each photographers’ work to see it from their point of view or should I say, lens?

Featured photographers

Erica Steward: Blog | Facebook | Instagram
Edith Barfield: Blog* | Facebook | Instagram
Rachel Jalanvich: Blog* | Facebook* | Instagram*
Marie Monforte: Blog* | Facebook* | Instagram*
Jessica Jaccarrino: Blog* | Facebook* | Instagram*

*Just a note, not all of them have posted photos from the shoot. I’ll be updating this as time passes by!

Last but not least, here’s a shoutout to all the amazing vendors that help made this possible.

Location: Soul Care House Barn
Flowers: Native Poppy
Stationary: October & Rum

Now, I can’t wait for my next shoots it’s plural for a reason 😉 

Native Poppy - The Chrissy Collective

What were some experiences that were out of your comfort zone? Leave me your comments below!

36 thoughts on “A Rustic Wedding Shoot at Soul Care House Barn”

  1. You really have THE dream job! I didn’t realize how much I loved fashion until after I graduated college. Knowing what I know now, I would love styling others. It’s a passion that I’ve acquired. This shoot is absolutely beautiful!

  2. I love the location. It looks like there were a lot of options for setting up shots. I went out with a photography group last Saturday to learn more about my camera, so seeing this only reminds me to keep shooting. 🙂

  3. I love the location for this shoot! Who knew there was a Barn House in Mission Hills 🙂 It’s so perfect and the styling is on-point.

  4. Great pictures!!!! Everything looks so lovely like a dream! I love the rustic environment and that dress is gorgeous!

  5. Lovely setting! I love rustic themed shoots, you look stunning girl! And your eyes & brows makes you look like Hailie Stienfeld! <3

    God bless!
    JM Kayne

    1. I’m glad you love them! Normally, I didn’t want to have a rustic wedding (a girl’s gotta plan!), but after doing this shoot, I’m sort of reconsidering it. x

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