view of Downtown San Diego from Coronado.

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Not too long ago, I had the chance to attend an interesting fashion show last Sunday. Having been attending different fashion shows for a while now made me feel super excited, especially since it’s been a while to the point where I can’t wait to be back at Fashion Week San Diego’s Spring Showcase soon!

Called Spring It On, it was held at the Coronado Ferry Docks. Since it’s a peninsula near Downtown San Diego-ish, there are only two ways to get there: the infamous Coronado bridge or through land, aka the scenic route.

Having taken the bridge route, it’s pretty fascinating to see the boats docked nearby as well as the San Diegan mainland (which is mostly the Downtown area).

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The Outfit

Style and lifestyle blogger Chrissy Baclagan wears a Kids Gap denim jacket, lace dress turned into a top, a denim a-line skirt, a Koko Couture Chrissie handbag, and bow tied mules from Yes Style

Denim Jacket: GAP Kids | Lace dress/top: Unknown | Skirt: SheIn (unavailable) | Bow Mules: Yesstyle | Handbag: Koko Couture | DC pins: Comics-N-Stuff

I know I didn’t take a ton of photos of my denim on denim look it was hot and dry- talk about a deadly combination; I eventually will, though!, but I wanted to wear something different than my usual staple of vintage mom jeans and huge, oversized duster coats.

So, with that in mind, I turned this lace dress into a top by adding this high waisted skirt I got from SheIn, a pretty cool online store I like to shop at every once in a while. I also added a Gap Kids I still fit children’s clothes, lol denim jacket and some fun pins I got a comic book store in Chula Vista to complete the look.

I also chose these bow mules you’ve probably seen pretty much everywhere on the blog and social media I’m that obsessed, hehe. Usually, I’m a high-heel kind of gal, but I’ve been loving flats of all sorts lately.

After all, they’re pretty comfy and are becoming a staple in the fashion industry thanks to people like Rihanna making it cool again.

And of course, I’m still using one of my favorite handbags: Koko Couture’s Chrissie bag. Just like how similar our names are, we’ve been pretty close, close enough to be pretty much everywhere on social media. 😉

Pre Event

A cute couple at the Coronado Ferry Docks.

A melted coffee and chocolate chip flavored ice cream from Cold Stone in Coronado.

After arriving, I found out that the fashion show didn’t start till later in the afternoon, so I decided to explore the Coronado Ferry Docks for a little bit, taking photos like I usually do. While exploring, I had to take this adorable shot of this couple (top) because I knew I’d regret it if I didn’t.

I also stopped by the nearby Cold Stone to grab my favorite coffee ice cream mixed with chocolate chips, but it started to melt because I walked around for too long while spending time near the blue waters of San Diego.

A local Lularoe vendor at the Spring It On fashion show.

A local swimwear boutique in Coronado at the Spring It On fashion show.

The Spring It On Fashion Show

The Spring It On Fashion Event featuring Rae Boutique and Pretty Please Fashion.

Like I mentioned before, the Spring It On fashion show is all about showcasing some of this year’s hottest spring trends featuring local brands Rae Boutique and Pretty Please Fashion. Like the sign says, you’ll also be able to find these brands in North Park and Del Mar.

I missed out on the first boutique’s take on 2017’s hottest trends, but after seeing models rocking clothing from Rae Boutique, it was pretty easy to assume what it’ll be about. Let’s get started!

Anything Laced up

Rae Boutique's models from Spring It On.

For as long as I can remember, lace has been every fashion lover’s closets at one point, especially this year. Not only does it cleverly cover just certain parts of your body in an artful way, it’s looks that good on anyone, no matter who you are.

It also has a very romantic feel about it even if you just happen to be wearing buttons or denim like mine.

One of the models in particular (the third one to the right) combines both lace and what I like to call the shoelace trend since it looks like, well, your sneakers with its notable criss-cross pattern. I thought this was a cute way to combine both lace trends. The lady to her right is also showcasing another more conservative way of wearing lace, proving the versatility of the fabric.

Stripes and more Stripes!

A Spring It On model wearing a multicolored striped romper.

Personally, I’m glad this is back! I remember wearing a ton of striped shirts as a kid, and they’re still a favorite of mine.

At Spring It On, both boutiques had their models wear striped pieces- from blouses to a cute romper – today’s stripes are very less nautical and very more tres chic through using contrasting colors and different sized stripes.

Flower Power with Floral Prints

Rae Boutique's models at Spring It On 2017.

Surprisingly, I wasn’t that shocked when some of the models had on floral pieces, in this case it’s the second girl on the left and the one on the far right. If you’ve read my latest post, it’s pretty easy to figure out why flowers will remain a springtime favorite, and it’s not an exception here.

Most of the time, floral print on everything tends to use neutrals and a bright pop of reds, purples, and pinks, making it the perfect day to night ootd, especially since floral print looks perfect on just about anything- sneakers, dresses, necklaces, you name it!

Bell Sleeves

A Spring It On model wearing a long-sleeved, bell sleeved, floral romper from Rae Boutique.

Yet another personal favorite of mine, bell sleeves are simply stunning. They instantly add more dimension to the sleeves, just like they did back in my time.

My first bell sleeve top was shortly right after I moved to Rancho Cucamonga at the nearby Ross; it was white with little sparkles here and there. In the middle, it said Princess in holographic fabric.

So, if you’re wondering why I’m telling you a short story about a top I wore, it’s this: bell sleeves make anyone feel like a princess. Even by lifting your arms up, you look graceful. With the right fabric and print, bell sleeves can transform you into feeling like royalty. I know I did.

Pintrest repin button for Coronado's Spring It On fashion show.
Have you ever been to a fashion show? What did you think of Spring It On’s style choices? Leave me your comments below!

22 thoughts on “Spring It On Trends at the San Diego Coronado Ferry Docks”

  1. What a lovely day you had. It’s been raining non-stop in Toronto, we’re bracing for floods. To add insult to injury my birthday was 4th May with very gloomy weather. But seeing these pictures makes me hopeful we’ll have sunny days soon and I’ll be able to wear my gladiators 🙂

  2. The fashion location looks different, not the usual one! I love the stripes esp that these are vertical, makes someone look taller 😀 I guess I should get one!hehehe

    God bless,
    JM Kayne

    1. It is! I’m a little more used to seeing an actual runway, but this was fun to watch/attend. I totally agree! Vertical stripes do make you look taller. 🙂 x

  3. This event looks like so much fun! I love your shoes btw. That’s really cool that they had the fashion show in Coronado. I had the opportunity to visit the area a few years ago and its so pretty!

  4. We had a similar fashion down here in Baton Rouge, the fact is was outdoors. The styles were nowhere near as nice as these though. Looks like a lot more going on at your fashion show there!

  5. looks like an awesome event!! I didn’t know SD had something like that – good to know for future references since I’m usually around the SD area when I visit Cali 🙂

  6. I’m so glad the stripes trend is back because it is one of my favorites 🙂 I love how turned your lace dress into a top and how cool that you can still buy kids clothes. Sometimes I see kids clothes and wish it was in my size.

    1. I know, right? It’s about time stripes gets some love. Thank you! Haha, I get a lot of jokes from wearing them, though. x)

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