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If you’ve been following my blog for a while now, you probably notice that I tend to create outfits from the people in my life’s closet. From my brother to my boyfriend, I notoriously often ‘borrow’ certain pieces from them, this time being my mother’s teenage wardrobe.

While staying in Cagayan, my mom gave me a few of her old things including this pair of classic Levi’s. I was more than excited to take them because of a few things: 1) they’re high-waisted, 2) we have a lot more in common, style-wise, than I thought, and 3) they’re Levi’s, one of my favorite denim brands. Although acid-washed, they instantly became one of my go-to jeans, and I plan to improve them sometime soon; I’ve been itching for a new DIY for a while since the last time I did that and what better way than to distress some jeans? Although I consider these jeans to be a national treasure, as a firm believer of transforming the old into something new, I think they’ll look a lot better once I transform them.


This entire outfit is paired with some of my favorite things – all you most likely have seen before. For example, the SheIn top, jacket, and the thrifted choker were practically the basics of this outfit from part one of the Who What Wear Summer Wardrobe Challenge. As for the bottoms, I decided to fold the bottom part of my Levi’s to create a more modern look on the mom jean. With Rihanna being one of my style icons, I felt like I was channeling her when I had this early morning photoshoot. I fell in love with her creative direction when it comes to clothes, and I haven’t looked back since. While street style itself is a new concept for me, it’s one I’m looking forward to discovering. What’s your street style look?

Classic mom jeans

Top: SheIn | Pants: Levi’s | Jacket: Thrift | Choker: Thrift | Shoes: Styles for Less

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