Special event keys x the Chrissy collective collaboration

Recently, I had the opportunity to collaborate with Special Event Keys. They are a company that specializes in creating custom tags for your travel needs or to commemorate special events and the important people in your life, just to name a few – the possibilities are endless! They even work with hotel card keys, too.

You can visit their website here.


When I first opened my package, I immediately fell in love with its monochromatic yet minimalistic design. My first name was written in the most gorgeous font on the large white and gold tags while the others contained initials of my name in a bold print. In addition, there were flexible, steel rods made specifically for the large tags that are used to attach to zippers and the like. The small, white key chains, on the other hand, already have their own and had that lovely font, too. The tags are quite strong and are waterproof, which is perfect for me. I plan on using them on my travel bags and suitcases when I start hitting the road again, and best believe that will be very soon.

Pssst! Stay tuned for something pretty awesome.

Special event keys

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