the floral print trend

floral print pants

thrifted snake earring

floral print bottoms

Pants: Thrift | Turtleneck: Charlotte Russe | Cardigan: Cotton Emporium | Single earring: Thrift | Boots: Madden Girl | Wallet: Unknown

One of my favorite quotes from Pablo Neruda goes something like this: “You can cut all the flowers, but you cannot keep Spring from coming.” And he’s right- change is always coming. While at first, we might be afraid, we really shouldn’t. There’s a whole new world out there to explore and to experience.

As a young girl, I had quite the green thumb; I enjoyed growing my little succulents and a wide array of flowers, all of which pop up occasionally in my wardrobe in printed form. In this case, it comes in form of a sheer, loose-fitting floral bottoms. Keeping in mind that change is something to embrace, this particular piece was a unique change for me; instead of my usual skinny jeans or leggings, my thrifted pants made quite a statement with its enchanting Daisy-print and bell-bottom-like structure. Before, I wasn’t too fond of the idea of a loose silhouette on the bottom half of my body; however, it has become an integral staple I can’t do without aside with my obsession with all forms of turtlenecks, odd pieces of jewelry, and anything larger than me.

Dare to try something new, and maybe, you’ll find something new to love.

What was something new that you’ve tried?

Steve Madden boots

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