A shopping mall.

Tis the season for all things back-to-school, and shopping just happens to align with it as we shed many tears of sadness over endless piles of homework and responsibilities. With life in general becoming much more expensive, even retail therapy can sometimes cause the blues. But never fear, there are still ways to save and still look good even when you go back to school shopping.

As a person who loves a good deal and quality clothing, I often get asked where to shop. In no particular order, I reveal my top five places.


Thrift Shops

While I won’t necessarily name just one thrift shop simply because there are too many, it’s a good idea to start here. Most of the time, I’ve gotten brand name clothing at relatively inexpensive prices. In addition, you’ll probably find more vintage pieces (think mom jeans and colorful sweaters) here than anywhere else. Plus, the accessories are worth looking at, at least in my opinion; the majority of my unique jewelry comes solely from thrift shops.


Don’t be fooled by their collaborations with fashion’s coolest people like Karl Lagerfeld in 2004 and Alexander Wang (2014) as well as high-end, luxury brands such as Versace (2011, 2012) and most recently, Balmain, H&M is still one of my favorite to-go shops for several reasons. Not only can it be inexpensive, they have a Conscious line that uses recycled materials.

SheIn (formerly SheInside)

If you happen to enjoy Asian fashion, this online store is sure to satisfy. Combined with inexpensive prices and trendy clothing, it’s been one of my favorites for as long as I could remember.

Forever 21

Alongside retailer H&M, the fast-fashion store is one that ranks up there. Admittedly, it can get pricey, but I enjoy going here mostly for the accessories and beauty products they have. Always put your best face forward, right?

Charlotte Russe

Yet another common, big name retailer, I love going here for the amazing discounts on shoes. I’ve gotten too many pairs from here to count, but that’s why I come back. Always.

What are your favorite places to shop at for back-to-school?

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