Today’s officially the second day of February, and boy am I still surprised by how fast it’s been going already I’m super excited to be showing you yet another cool Valentine’s look, this time being your Instagram instead of your #OOTD. 

I teamed up with Yellow Heart Art, which is this amazing print company located in Long Island, New York, to show you three different ways you can spruce up your grid- just in time for your Galentine’s or Valentine’s, whichever one you prefer, all with your phone.

Before we dive in, here’s a little more info about Leonora, the artist and founder behind Yellow Heart Art:

  • Yellow Heart Art was born on January 2011 because she wanted to express her creativity in her own way. 
  • She turned to Etsy after realizing that her corporate job as a graphic designer wasn’t as creative as she thought it would be. Oh, the struggle. Really, though. 🙁 
  • Her art is primarily consisted of lovely feminine colors and patterns. As for the sayings, she comes up with them herself saying, “…let’s be honest, life is just more fun when we get to look at our walls and laugh.”
  • Since then, her art has been on the walls of Mindy Kaling, the Kardashians, and Lauren Conrad as well as interior decorating blogs like Apartment Therapy and popular magazines like InStyle and Rue. 

After receiving them in the mail, the two prints (Geometric Art Print Blush Print and the Flower Crown Wall Art Print) looked AH-mazing. Not only was it durable, yenno paper-wise, the quality is there. Like a 110% of it. 

Idea 1: Table Top Decorations 


Rain drop, drop top
Yellow Heart Art on my table top

Sorry, I had to. I literally live on memes, okay? Just like the rest of you.

With the smallest print came with a cute, wooden stand, making it perfect for creating a centerpiece.

But it’s just as great if you like it flat, and by that, I mean a flat lay.

While you may have seen this type of art yes it’s an art and I’ll explain it after this all over the likes of Instagram, it was originally called Knolling. It was termed by janitor Andrew Kromelov in 1987 while working at Frank Gehry’s furniture fabrication shop.

It eventually became big in 2009 when NY-based sculptor, Tom Sachs, announced his love for knolling and made it a fixture at his studio.


Nowadays, modern knolling looks a little like the photo above. I know, I’m not as good as the flat lay queen, Aimee Song, but I’ll get there someday.

Idea 2: Hold it like a Pro


If there’s one cool way to showcase your art but don’t have any frames to put it in, taking a selfie of your hand holding it is just as cool.

Not only is it Insta and Tumblr worthy, it’s a new way to take a photo of your favorite things.

Idea 3: Frame It


I briefly mentioned this in idea number two, but if you want to frame it, then frame it.

Starting from the 13th century, although the first ‘real’ paintings and frames were from the 14th century, the use of frames has been a long one, history-wise. Although we’re now in the technology era, art is still shown in frames because of the extensive history and the art behind it:

Picking a frame for a picture has itself become an art form in the Postmodern era when the choice of frames is almost endless. A frame manifests the tastes and aesthetic preferences of the owner, and should not violate the internal content and balance of a piece of art. For this reason, a picture should first be carefully investigated and understood in order to choose a perfect frame.

Yay for art history, yes?

With this in mind, if you’ve been following me for a while now, I label myself as a minimalist. From the way I dress to the way I do my makeup, everything tends to be minimal.

This is the same with art. 

I chose this simplistic black frame for the smallest print because the black will make the print stand out more, which is what I want. If I chose, let’s say a white, it will give off a different vibe than this one.


Being a doodler myself look up Picasso and his minimalist art, I love supporting artists, whether they’re local or not, and I’m so thankful that we collaborated together on this very fun project together. 

I recommend her and Yellow Heart Art greatly, so be sure to stop by her Etsy page and tell her I sent ya!

So, how will you style your next photo? Leave me your comments below!

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