Meet Els, and she believes in people’s uniqueness. She believes in standing out rather than blending in when it comes to personal style. And finally, she believes that all women are beautiful.

Els Dines - Red Jumpsuit

Outfit 1: Sexy Red All Night

If you’re planning a romantic date night out, this outfit is perfect for you. It’s sexy, it’s playful and most importantly, it’s red – the most romantic colour!

Pair this sexy red playsuit with a statement necklace or a white choker or both like I did. The accessories just add a little more edge to the outfit.

And of course, go all out by putting on the reddest lipstick you own in your makeup collection.

Els Dines - White floral dress

Outfit 2: Flirty Afternoon Date

This flowery print dress is perfect for a little afternoon date. It’s fun and flirty and cute. Because the dress itself does most of the work, you don’t really need to accessorize the outfit that much. Pair it with a simple necklace and go for a pinkish red lip to match with the cute dress.

Els Dines - Blue dress

Outfit 3: Relaxing and Chilled Out Romantic Picnic Date

If you’re planning a little something different for Valentine’s Day, which I think you should totally do, instead of going on a romantic date, you can and SHOULD opt for a romantic picnic where it’s just the both of you surrounded by nature.

I’ve got you covered with this fun and relaxing outfit. Suitable for the occasion and very comfortable. Pair it with a choker of your choice. I paired it with the tie-around-ribbon choker that everyone is rocking these days.

Easy, fun and relaxing.

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Where will you go this Valentine’s Day? Leave me your comments below!

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring me in your blog. I’ve linked your profile in my latest post too so people can come check out your amazing blog <3 Loved collaborating with you x Happy Valentine's Day

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