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Here’s the thing, guys: I love fashion.

I can be a girly girl when I’m feeling it, but I HATE pink. Always have and probably always will. So when Valentine’s Day rolls around I feel like I get myself in a bit of a styling pickle, seeing as one of the main colors for the holiday happens to be pink.
If any of the above speaks to you, I have five additional ways (beyond pinking it up) to style an outfit and make it Valentine’s Day ready.

Lace: Lace is the ultimate feminine pattern or texture, and it lends itself well to styling a Valentine’s look. I chose a pleated white floral lace skirt because it is neutral enough to be styled with a variety of other things but adds a fun, feminine flair to the outfit.

There are so many choices when it comes to lace items that you really can incorporate more than one of the elements below with it for even more pizzazz. (glitter lace, red lace, oooh the possibilities are endless!!!)
Feminine prints: There are many prints which are great for the season: darker florals, flirty ditsy prints, Breton stripes, animal prints, prints of animals, hahaha…you get the picture!

I picked a heart print shirt because there is literally no better time of the year for me to wear it than now. I will wear it regardless because I just love printed tops but I digress…This print is large enough to be noticed but small enough not to be overwhelming or loud, this is a happy medium for me.

Feel free to play with different printed tops or bottoms in seasonal colors, which leads me to the next styling tip.

Shades of Red, Coral, and White: While I pretty much despise pink, I actually really enjoy certain shades of peach and coral (it has to have significant amounts of orange blended in with the pink).

I think that these colors, along with shades of red and white are perfect for the season, so make sure to incorporate them into your look the way I added this beautiful deep red on my shirt.
Glitter: I always associate New Year’s with the more garish glittery looks (sequined dresses, pants, tops, etc), but I think that subtle glitter has its place with the holiday that follows right after.

Now, I will make a leap and guess that if you don’t like pink, chances are you may also not be a huge fan of glitter. BUT I have seen glittery things work for the more reserved or tomboyish among us.

These shoes I wore are perfect examples of that.

They are cut in a more classic/retro style and the sparkles are in a muted champagne micro-glitter so they really aren’t WHAM BAM in your face but they add a hit of glam to the outfit. If you pick a smaller sized particle for your glitter item or a more neutral color, it will have that effect.

Whimsical, Girly Accessories: If you own a big hair bow, a statement scarf, loud bangles, super sparkly earrings THIS is the time to wear them, ladies!

I ADORE the necklace I chose; it is very “me” and it gives the outfit a kind of “Alice in Wonderland” feel to it, which I was going for with all the different elements at play. I love that it is a functional clock and locket (clocket?), I also like the shade of tarnished gold and the intricate filigree pattern.

I think that every woman should have at least one accessory they feel represents them well and adds an element of playfulness to their outfits. Find yours and make it work!

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How will you wear pink this Valentine’s Day? Leave me your comments below!

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