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Valentine’s Day, a day for you lovers out there – or in Japan, probably just another marketing tactic for chocolate producers (LOL) – is fast approaching! I don’t usually celebrate V-Day, because personally I think you should celebrate love every day, and not just one day a year. But nevertheless, I’d take any chance I could get to dress up!

Every time I hear the word or term “Valentine”, I’d think of red, which is also my favorite color. So, at first I thought of a red outfit to wear for this universal day of love.

But then, because of that same reason, many other people would probably wear the same color and that, for me, would be a disaster not like a World War II kind-of disaster, more like an exaggerated drama queen kind. Hehe. 😛.

Being the stubborn Scorpio that I am, I’ve decided to think outside of the box and not wear red. 😉 So what did I end up with? Voilà! This white, floral maxi dress.

The dress’ neckline caught my eyes because it’s different than usual and I think that gives the dress a wonderful flow, especially at the back.

I paired the dress with this taupe – urm, probably more like beige here – handbag (because black is too predictable, and I don’t own a yellow one to match the flower on the dress. :P) and leather-imitation heels.

And, for the first time ever, I challenged myself to wear a round-shaped sunglasses for an extra “sassy-ness”. Not sure if it goes with the shape of my face, but I thought, oh well, what da heck. 😛

And because it’s Valentine’s, I wanted to style my hair a little “lady-like” and look effortless (though technically, it took lots of effort to style it – but probably that’s just my hair. LOL), so I just pulled it up into a bun and made two tiny braid “headbands” from the strip of my hair on the side.

What do you think? Does my hair-do go with the outfit or is it better to let it go? Let me know what you think! 😉

Ok guys, hope you’ve enjoyed reading my post as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it. And if I’ve inspired you in any way – let it be in your outfit choice for Valentine’s, or even if it’s just your hair-do – then I’m grateful and that’s all that matters.

Remember, just be YOU and wear what makes you feel fantastic!

Have a blissful Valentine’s Day with your loved ones! <3

Lots of love,

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