Fashion Week San Diego’s Viva La V series are back and running with its third informal modeling event at the La Valencia Hotel, this time featuring Arts Institute graduates-turned-designers Bryan VaughnBerry, DeAnnah Rae, and Gloria Guerro.

I’m excited to say that these three in particular are both unique and interesting as their visions and collections are completely different.


With only five interns this time around, it seemed like this Viva La V’s might prove to be a challenge, but we were a well-oiled machine once more, further proving that this year’s FWSD team is the best. Three of them worked at the back while Crystal and I stayed at the front again putting up pop-up signs, assisting designers with their set-ups, and escorting models to the dressing room. Sadly, I wasn’t able to work at the back like last time, but I did get the chance to speak with a few of the designers, mainly Bryan, while being at the front.


Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take as many photos this time around as I was busy around the clock, but I did take more videos instead:

So far, this event stood out from the rest since it featured a menswear designer – one that I’m looking forward to on the runways this year.


Our next and final Viva La V is coming up soon, and hopefully I’ll see you there!

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