Outdoor balcony at the La Valencia Hotel.

Patio at the La Valencia Hotel

Since becoming an intern for this year’s Fashion Week San Diego, I’ve been working at several fashion-related events, one of them being the Viva La V’s, a series showcasing some of the collections from very talented designers, that were held at the beautiful La Valencia.

Having previously worked at such an event, I already had a good grasp on what I need to do; however, this time I stayed at the back instead of the front as usual. Now, I finally got to see the magic behind the informal modeling show.


Today’s featured designers were B.JASH.I and Territa Torres. Both were familiar faces and also local favorites as the brands collections’ won 1st and 3rd place at last year’s runway shows.


Instead of setting up outdoors, I primarily worked on dressing/undressing the models alongside social media stints with the Fashion Week’s official Snapchat while receiving hands on experience with styling – all of which was quite fun. Since I want to be a stylist in the near distant future, I was so thankful for this chance to learn new skills to make one of my dreams a reality someday.

Speaking of working with models, I have to say it’s an interesting one as you’ll be exposed to boobs and butts – the former being the most prominent – frequently, but it wasn’t a big deal.

Model wearing B.JASH.I

Photoshoot for BJASHI

With two designers, one might assume it would be hectic, especially during the event. Luckily, it wasn’t thanks to the smooth flow of cooperation amongst Team FWSD. From beginning to end, everything was flawless; I couldn’t be more prouder to be a part of the best group of interns this year.

Two down, two more to go with one coming up on June 15th!

See you then!

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