Chrissy wear pink trousers, a striped top, a floral cardigan, and white mules.

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On my channel, I recently started a new series called ‘What I Wore’, or in this case, What Chrissy Wore. Basically, it’s a selection of some of my favorite looks during a certain period of time.

Just like this first one that ran from January to February of this year (watch it below).

Or like this one from March to April.

This time, it’s my favorite looks from May through June, which you can find by clicking here or by scrolling down to the bottom. Also, I’ll be linking everything as much as possible even though some of the things I wear are vintage pieces cuz I gotchu 😉.

Let’s get started!

Chrissy wears a ruffle blouse, vintage denim jeans, white mules, a vintage bag, and a Jord watch.

Vintage Denim and the Ruffled Blouse

Blouse: YesStyle (similar here) | Jeans: Vintage Levis (similar here) | Mules: YesStyle | Bag: from my mom (similar here) | Watch: Jord Watches

If my younger, more athletic-loving younger self saw me now, she’d ask this: why ruffles?

Back in the day, I absolutely dreaded anything feminine like dresses or even the color pink. Instead, menswear as well as a great pair of denim jeans were my go-to.

Now, I’d like to say I have the best of both worlds.

Ruffles were a huge trend earlier this year, and it’s easy to see why — it looks sooo good on just about anyone. While it’s now slowing down cuz hello fall, I wanted to find a statement piece I could wear over and over again, even if it wasn’t ‘in’ anymore. Luckily, I found this stunning blouse from YesStyle. It effortlessly combines the spring/summer trend while incorporating the classic-ness of a crisp, white button-up.

Style Tip: Just because the fashion rules say you can’t match the color of your shoes with your top, doesn’t mean you should listen, just an fyi. Break the rules and have fun!

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Chrissy wears a vintage denim dress, grey cardigan, black oxfords, a hat, and a vintage leather bag from Italy.

The Vintage Denim Dress

Dress: Mom’s closet lol (similar here) | Oxfords: Qupid (similar here) | Cardigan: Forever 21 (similar here) | Hat: Walmart (similar here) | Handbag: from my mom again (similar here)

As you can tell, a couple of the pieces were gifted from my mom. I’ve always been a huge fan of anything vintage, and it feels amazing to wear something my mom once did.

One is this stunning denim dress from Rhino + this cute, miniature bag.

Since it was still cold around this time, I’d often pair this dress with a solid colored cardigan, a pair of pointed toe shoes, and a great bag to carry my things.

Hat optional.

What’s even better is that it’s both versatile and comfortable at the same time thanks to the way it’s made. Normally, I don’t wear dresses that often, but this one is an exception.

Style Tip: Pair a midi dress with a mid-length cardigan for the perfect length that’s not too long or too short.

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Chrissy wearing millennial pink trousers.

Millennial Pink

Top: Cotton On (similar here) | Trousers: UNIQLO | Mules: YesStyle | Cardigan: Thrifted (similar here)

It doesn’t get any more 80’s/90’s than this.

Aside from pulling inspo from all things vintage to menswear, just to name a few, I’ll always have a soft spot for the 80’s and 90’s with their ultra high waisted bottoms and cool girl/boy style.

But I wouldn’t really say that my style is entirely based on that.

For most of my life, I’ve been fascinated by the Parisian woman. Glamorous, classic, and effortless, she embodies the distinct kind of style I’ve always wanted in my own, and I like to believe this look sums it both nicely because of the pointed shoes. If I had worn something else, it would have changed the vibe of my outfit into something different.

What attracted me to this the most was the use of color. Often bold, loud, and powerful, colors aside from black, white, and blue weren’t found in my closet.

Not so much now.

Nowadays, my closet now has some new colors like pink and red.

Style Tip: The key to getting away with getting inspired from those time periods, especially the 80’s, is to not go overboard with the colors (but if you can rock em, go rock em!) or the prints.

For this outfit, I’ve stuck to a certain color palette (black, white, pink) and combined what I like to call a dominant print (the floral cardigan) with a neutral print (the nautical top) in order to keep it classy while looking pretty cool in the process.

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Chrissy wears a white shirt dress, kitten heels, a vintage shoulder bag, and face earrings.

The Perfect White Shirt Dress

Dress: YesStyle (similar here) | Shoes: Christian Siriano (similar here)| Earrings: SheIn (similar here) | Dog: mine

What can I say? I love creating and wearing effortless outfits like this one here.

I’ve blogged before on several occasions that I’m often on-the-go. This meant that my wardrobe needed to not be so fussy and easy to put together.

And all you really need is a great huge shirt as well as a pair of great heels. The accessories you choose are optional like my dog.

Style Tip: if you want your legs to look longer, aim for a shirt dress that is above your knees. Wearing any type of heel like like kitten ones will also elongate your legs, too.

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On this episode of What Chrissy Wore, I'll be showing you four of my favorite looks from May through June, video included, as well as styling tips, too.

What are your favorite looks? Leave me your comments below!

16 thoughts on “What Chrissy Wore: 4 May and June Summer Favorites”

  1. I love those pink pants! Bright enough to show a little personality but muted enough to wear for work or match with a variety of tops. 🙂

    1. Yesstyle is so amazing! I have yet to buy any beauty-related products from there, though. Do you have any beauty faves from there? Aw, thank you, doll! xx

  2. Being the vintage lover that I am, the Vintage Denim and the Ruffled Blouse look is my favorite! I actually went to hunt for those mules and that blouse and neither were available! I am definitely going to have to recreate this look somehow 🙂

    1. The vintage look is also my favorite out of all of them as well! Aw, I’m so sorry to hear about that. Yessssss!! Tell me when you do! I can’t wait to see your ootd! x

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