I’ve always liked to experiment with my clothing (perhaps this is a reflection of my personality), and in doing so, I’ve decided to try the Who What Wear Summer Challenge!

Having originally found this on Instagram, they post 30 day challenges for fashion lovers to try. In return, you learn more about what you like or dislike.

Instead of cramming everything into one post, I decided to have 6 sections on the challenge that contain 5 days each. In addition, I wanted to really push myself even further, so I chose to use what I already have. If I don’t have it in my wardrobe, then I’ll probably go shopping or make it myself.

Let’s get started with the first five days!

Day 1: Tag a Friend


I would like to tag Crystal, Mariah, and Ashley. These ladies have some of the cutest outfits I’ve ever seen, and they’re incredibly fashionable + super sweet.

Day 2: Silk Top + Denim Combo


It happened to be a somewhat chilly day when I wore this outfit, so I brought along my brick-colored jacket along. It surprisingly added more of a grunge vibe to the look which was pleasantly nice. In addition, the subtle accessories (the choker and the tassels on my boots) made the outfit look even better.


Top: SheIn | Bottoms: Thrift | Shoes: Charlotte Russe | Vintage Jacket: Thrift | Choker: Thrift


Day 3: V-Neck Business Dress Turned Casual


I don’t own many business attire as of now, but as an alternative I chose this nude-colored pencil skirt to go with a crop top. While I wouldn’t recommend wearing this to the office, it’s still semi-casual.

Top: H&M | Skirt: Thrift | Shoes: Adidas | Backpack: Coach



Day 4: One Piece Swimsuit


Out of all of the days so far, I struggled with this concept. For one, one-piece bathing suits aren’t really my favorite and two, it seemed strange that this look is something that would be considered as fashionable. After trying this, I can see why fashionistas would incorporate a bathing suit as part of an outfit. Will I do this again, however? Maybe.

Swimsuit: gift | Pants: SheIn | Shoes: Styles for Less | Shirt Jacket: my dad’s (lol) | Necklace: Thrift


Day 5: Hemmed Jeans


Hemmed jeans are definitely the top of every It Girl’s wishlist this summer and it’s no wonder why: it screams summer. It’s also a throwback for me as I used to rock my hemmed jeans when I was in elementary school. Since I didn’t own any of my own, I transformed these high-waisted skinny jeans I bought from SheIn instead.

Top: American Eagle | Pants: SheIn | Shoes: Forever 21


What was your favorite look? Leave a comment down below and share your summer looks with me!

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