Continuing from days 1 though 5, the Who What Wear Summer Wardrobe Challenge has been quite fun and challenging as it required me to step out of my comfort zone on several occasions. For instance, I never thought swimwear could be incorporated into daily wear, but fashion is truly interesting that way, is it not?

Now, let’s head straight into days 6-10!

Day 6: The Cool Button-Down


This look is probably one of my favorite things from my mom. As you may already know, I tend to ‘borrow’ tops from both of my parents and this outfit is one of them. My mom got this vintage button-down in Hong Kong – which is pretty amazing as it’s made in Italy – and it’s been one of my favorites since I first laid my eyes on it. Since then, I’ve been wearing it as much as I could, even when I traveled to the Philippines, to the point where it essentially became my go-to summer outfit.

Top: My Mom’s Closet | Shorts: Thrift | Hat: Gift

Day 7: Sunglasses


I personally do not own/wear much sunglasses since I wear glasses on the daily. However, these thrifted aviators (I call mine Avis) are my favorite whenever I do decide to take them off.

Sunglasses: Thrift

Day 8: Interesting Sleeves


I recently went to the lovely shores of La Jolla with my good friend and fellow blogger Crystal for a photoshoot for her business. I chose this top even though I’ve never worn it before because of how light it was and the intricate detailing/beading found on the sleeves.


Top: Thrift | Cami: Forever 21 | Shorts: Thrift | Shoes: Target


Day 9: The Updated Business Look


As I mentioned in the first five days, I don’t own much business attire. This pushed me to think outside the box, and I came up with this ensemble. Since I prefer comfort over discomfort nowadays, the looseness of both the blouse and pants felt amazing, even more so in the heat.


Blouse: Thrift | Pants: Thrift | Shoes: Styles for Less | Clutch: Beverly Hills Polo Club

Day 10: Feminine + Masculine


This one was actually difficult for me despite its overall simplicity as I don’t tend to use my loafers with such a look; I tend to wear them with skinny jeans. This dress/tunic originally came with a similarly-colored, velcro belt with a large flower in the middle, but I opted for this braided, skinny belt instead. The pop of color accentuated my waistline as well as provide more color.



Dress: Thrift | Belt: Thrift | Shoes: H&M | Bag: Calvin Klein


I have to say, I truly enjoyed these five days. I can’t say I have a favorite so far aside from living in my mom’s former blouse, but doing this challenge has allowed me to select clothes in an entirely different perspective; it was like I watched myself, really. Trying different styles has allowed me be more creative and selective. I know I’m still learning, and frankly, I like it quite a lot.

Thanks for sticking with me so far! What were your favorites?

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