Welcome to part three of six of the Who What Wear 30 Day Summer Challenge! I know that fall is basically knocking at our doorstep, hello Pumpkin-themed everything but I shall try to accomplish this before then.

Let’s get started with days eleven through fifteen!

11. Mixed Seasons

Who what wear wardrobe challenge day 11

Who what wear summer challenge

This probably isn’t coincidental, but this was impeccable timing. As a turtleneck lover, I took this chance to wear one of my favorite black ones and paired it with these thrifted shorts I got several summers ago. In addition, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to wear my thigh-high boots; I’m so excited to start wearing them again! And this cat bracelet was such a major find at a thrift shop, and that’s why it remains one of my favorite places to search for vintage jewelry.

Cat bracelet from a thrift shop

Turtleneck: Charlotte Russe | Shorts: Thrift | Boots: Charlotte Russe | Cat Bracelet: Thrift

12. Pink

Who What Wear Summer Wardrobe Challenge - Pink

Who What Wear Summer Wardrobe Challenge - Pink

I may like my clothes almost all black sort of like my soul, but I love a good pink piece. I got these lovely pants at Uniqlo when I was at the Philippines. As for the top, it’s your typical button-up; however, I decided to pull the collar towards the back rather than the front, changing the top completely. I feel like it accentuates my collarbones even more this way.

Who What Wear Summer Challenge - Pink

Top: Thrift | Pants: Uniqlo | Sneakers: Thrift | Choker: Thrift

13. Polo Shirt

Who what wear summer wardrobe challenge 2016

Sadly, I couldn’t find my dad’s polo shirt. Instead, I decided to wear my boyfriend’s thermal instead. I used to love doing this with oversized shirts and sweaters back in the day but not so much anymore. While I do love being comfortable, I’ve evolved over the years, including my style. However, it was a great way to reminisce the good ol’ days when I mostly cried about my math homework.

Blue sweater

Top: my boyfriend’s | Shorts: Bongo (DIY) | Coat: Banana Republic | Shoes: Charlotte Russe

14. Black and White

Who what wear summer challenge

Who what wear summer challenge

It might be a few days after Labor Day, but who says you can’t wear white? I have to admit, the outfit is predominantly black just like my soul, with the exception of the handkerchief and the floral print found on the bottoms. Originally, I was going to wear this look without the neck piece but eventually did because it gave off this cool-girl, Parisian vibe. Also, you might remember this top from part one and from this ootd. It’s such a great versatile piece, and it looks great with just about everything.

Top: SheIn | Bottoms: Thrift | Shoes: Styles for Less

15. Summer Essentials

This has to be, by far, the most easiest out of the five. A while ago, I collaborated with two other bloggers on this specific topic which you can read about here.

Thank you for sticking with me! Were there any days you want to try out?

2 thoughts on “Who What Wear 2016: Summer Wardrobe Challenge (Days 11-15)”

  1. There’s so many good piece in this set! I’m loving the shorts on look #11, the pants on look #12, and am dying for the long black coat on look #13. You can never go wrong with oversized clothing!!

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