I love neutrals as much as Kanye loves Kanye, but I have to say, grey is definitely one of those neutral-y colors even though many people don’t think of it as one. So, I teamed up with Joshua Robertson, the blogger behind That Trendy Fellow to create our own OOTDs using a favorite winter staple: the grey cardigan. 





When coming up with this outfit, I decide to use classic colors like blue and black alongside this lovely cardigan from Express. By doing this, the grey cardigan stands out more because it’s the piece I wanted to highlight.

Before the shoot, I was originally going to use some strappy-like mules from this other very neutral OOTD, but opted for my favorite pointed footwear you’ve seen a million times by now, haha. This look would also look great in some loafers, pointed flats, or some printed sneakers as well believe me, I tested them all out before this– all of which are some of my favorite types of footwear to wear for casual looks like these.

Speaking of this shoot, I had a lot of fun doing this one. My boyfriend, Miguel, offered to help and it was pretty neat to teach him some general basics of both regular DSLR and mobile photography (i.e. golden hour, lighting). But if there’s one thing he excels at the most, it’s taking candids, the first photo being one of my absolute favorites ‘cause I be whipping my hair back and forth.

Fun Fact: I hemmed and distressed these jeans to create that interesting look on the bottom. Don’t you think that it looks pretty neat? 

What did you think? Is this something you’d try? Leave me your thoughts below!

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