Accessories come in all shapes and sizes.

From today’s popular staple, the choker, to watches from our favorite brands to 90’s inspired colored eyewear, accessories tend to make any outfit extra special. 

Don’t believe me? Take a look at some of your favorite celebrities and pay close attention to what they’re wearing. Many times, they’re often wearing the coolest stuff straight off the runway or the chicest boutiques, accessories included.


For instance, during the summer time, you’ll see people wearing:

  • anklets, sometimes made of cowrie shells
  • multiple rings on every finger
  • sunglasses like aviators

Versus the winter with:

  • beanies and warm headgear
  • thick, long scarves
  • gloves

Makes sense, right?

With today’s OOTD, I’ll be focusing on one of winter’s accessories: leg warmers.

Leg warmers were originally created by KD Dance in 1980 to help dancers keep their legs warm. Until their legs were warm enough, they would take them off right after. 

It became even more popular as the years went by thanks to films like “Flashdance” and, of course, the fashion industry. 



In today’s world, leg warmers are a go-to during the colder months. Often worn under boots, these accessories help keep the wearer snug and warm.

There are also many different types, too.

Some are crocheted while some fall to the ankles. On my outfit, they’re about 4 inches long and are made with a suede-like material on the outside and a warm, plushy material on the inside.

Not too long ago, Caitlin Childs, the CEO of All That It Seams, sent me the very same ones you see on my photos – they are from her current Fall & Winter collection including this stunning Christmas stocking I shared on Instagram. I instantly fell in love with both as they’re both handmade, and I’m a sucker for those.

Since the leg warmers were a lot thicker than I thought, I decided to wear them with my knee-high boots I got from Charlotte Russe. Staying true to my minimalist style, the rest of the outfit was black, aka my favorite color.


Bodysuit: Salud Shoppe | Jeans: SheIn | Leg Warmers: All That It Seams | High Thigh Boots: Charlotte Russe | Coat: Banana Republic



Aside from keeping my knees pretty warm, all purchases from All That It Seams benefits animals that stay at no-kill animal shelters. 

Each month, they choose an animal shelter to support, this time being the Community Animal Rescue and Adoption (CARA) in Jackson, MS.

Being a dog owner myself, I believe that every animal should have a chance to find their forever home, and brands like these help them get another chance at life.

Visit All That It Seams

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